Use Good Grammar Doggone It!


I think if you ask most students what they look forward to the most come this time of year, they aren’t going to say writing term papers! Those long paged, academically formatted projects, can be a pain in the butt. It certainly doesn’t help when students hate to write. It’s a skill that’s pretty important for a lot of jobs, especially in advertising and marketing, for example.

I thought about this recently while working in my grammar class online from I hadn’t thought about it before, but as mentioned by Geoffrey Pullum from the University of Edinburgh, the internet has changed the interest in writing. With blogs becoming popular, almost everyone wants to write about their lives or some other topic. Even twitter requires some skill at 150 characters, unless you don’t mind looking like a fool! Sadly, there are many examples of poor spelling and grammar online.

For me, I think spelling isn’t a big problem, but I do fall victim to grammatical errors. Most commonly and sometimes I use the wrong word. Like I can occasionally mess up with “there, their, they’re,” or similar sets of words. Another thing I do which seems odd is typing “form” when I want to use the word “from.” That’s freaking annoying! I can’t count the times I have had to go back and type the right word.

While spelling mistakes are fairly easy to fix thanks to spellcheck, grammatical errors are not as easy. As effective Microsoft Word’s grammar-checker can be, sometimes it points out a false error. And it doesn’t take into account dialogue. It’s perfectly fine to use poor grammar for a character that does not speak good. 😉 And of course, spellcheck doesn’t tell you if you are using the wrong word.

All in all, I hope that I’m getting better in my writing, especially my grammar. That’s my initial goal. Then there is also the matter of writing stories that grip readers and make them wanting more. I can come up with a good basic story, but I still need help refining it. If I keep working at it, who knows where I’ll end up?


Where in the World is Scott Brown?

Ever so often I have one of those, “I haven’t been posting in a while,” type posts. Well it’s time for another one! Since it’s the holiday season, I thought it was time to stop being so lazy. Let’s see how long this lasts. 🙂

My most major announcement would have to be that I got a job as a freelance writer for It’s a website devoted to all things Apple. The computer company, not the fruit. I write about three articles a week, give or take. I’ve wanted to have a real writing job for a long time and I’m thrilled to have one. It’s not a lot of money, but the experience is worth it. I’m also working as a Tobis Fellow at UCI. I’m working on my own project. It’s been tough to say the least, but I think I’m making some headway.

As always, the war on Christmas is going strong, just how we Atheists like it. Pretty soon, we are going to make you stop saying Merry Christmas. Sorry, that’s just how it goes. Instead we are going to make you say, Happy Imaginary God Day, just to mess with you.

I admit, I haven’t been doing any fictional writing (other than the last paragraph), or really thinking about it much. I keep myself occupied on other things, including Heroes of the Storm. This game is soooo addicting! It’s a lot of fun and the game is free. Just click this link: That will get you two free characters. 🙂

I spend a lot of money during this season. Much of it on myself, but I also like buying gifts for my family. I came up with some nice ideas and I’m sure they are going to love them. It’s funny, I’m usually pretty good about picking out the right gift for the right person, despite the fact that it doesn’t run in the family! Sure, I’ve had some mistakes, but for the most part I’m pretty good. Just had to brag for a moment there.

It’s hard to believe it’s already the holiday season and it feels like it’s going too fast. Soon it will be the new year and winter will be over. Back to the hot California weather. Hopefully a lot of rain in between then and now, we could really use it. And that’s the small talk portion of today’s post.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and that you get everything you want, unless you enjoy being disappointed. Well, I can’t help you there, unless you are happy that I post so little, if so then Merry Christmas!

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Picture 5

I love writing! So much so that I feel like I haven’t spent enough time writing! But what should I work on now? I need a break from The Lost Elf, and I am working on Princess Tom. However, I feel like there is something even bigger that I could be working on. Something that people would really, really want to read about. Then it hit me, Scott David!

Thus, I am officially announcing my new project, The World of SDB. Yes you heard it right folks! Everything you ever wanted to know about me in one large volume, 1,000 pages, every little detail you never knew you needed. I’ll start with my early years as a baby. Several chapters of what I imagine my life was like before I was able to store events in my mind. Did I roll over too much? Maybe! Did I gargle or make cute baby sounds? Probably! What was my first word? Who knows! But, I’ll make something up.

The 100% non-fiction work, The World of SDB, will be an epic story about all the things I went through as a kid up until this very moment. Actually, I’ll probably have to keep adding to it until publishing day. It will cost a million trees, but I don’t care, I make it up by driving an electric car. Or, if you really want to be a jerk about it, you can buy the e-book. Want to find out why I am the way I am? This is the perfect book for you! Want to learn about all my dark fantasies and my sexual fetishes? Read this book! Are you a sexy lady? Or any kind of lady? Or a woman? Or wish you were a woman? By this book!

The writing process will take me some time, probably several years, and I’m sure the anticipation will be epic. That is why I am doing a 50 part video blog series centered on this project. I will document all of my thoughts about this book as I write it. Think of it like a public video journal. Except that it will cost $14.99 a month to watch it. I anticipate one video a month, based on my schedule, and the time I spend on World of Warcraft.

Finally, once the video series is finished, and I have the book published, I’ll be hosting my own TED talks at a local university campus near you! Dates and times will be released once the book is finished. Come hear me talk about the process of writing this book, and how you can write your very own copy of The World of SDB. That’s right! Why buy a copy in print or an ebook when YOU can write your very own copy, on paper, in your own handwriting, based on a copy of my book! Just imagine having the opportunity to write 1,000 pages of my own work. Think of how much more you will appreciate The World of SDB when it is written in your own voice (exact, word-for-word, copying required, no ad-libbing allowed).

Terry Mary says, “I can’t wait to spend the several months and years it will take me to read this book!”

Kitty Kitty Meow-meows says, “Meow meow!”

Jake Smith says, “Just like reading a bill written by congress!”

Mark Mushakian says, “Ah, don’t quote me on your blog, ok?”

In only a few short years, you can own your very own copy of, The World of SDB. Visit everyday, hour, and minute, looking for new updates on the project. I’m sure there will be new news soon. That’s right, new news. Don’t forget to visit this site on February 30th, when a major unrelated announcement will be made! OMG! Scott David Brown!