Hello Scott Update 1.2


The new loading screen.

It’s time for the first major patch to my new app! I’m also happy to point out that there’s a new page on this site dedicated to the app which tells you all you want to know about my app in development. I won’t go in-depth about what the app does, but check out the page if you want to learn about it. I will tell you about some new features coming to the app. What are they¬†you ask?

  • Improved navigation bar – Now has a refresh and home button. Perfect for times when its necessary to reload the current page in view or if you want to go back to the “home” page.
  • Back and forward buttons start disabled – While still not working as intended, the idea is that the buttons should not be usable unless there is a page the user can move to either forward or backward. I think the app might use too much memory, but I’m still looking into it.
  • Loading screen – There’s now a regular loading screen. Subject to change.
  • New LinkedIn tab – Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Working on this app has been on of the most frustrating experiences in recent years, haha. However, I’m enjoying the feeling I get when I figure out how to implement a feature or fix an error in my code. It’s a slow learning curve, but with enough work on this app, I should be well on my way to learning Swift in Xcode.


What’s Up?


I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, but if you have, I won’t blame you. I haven’t written a post since July and even that was really just a post with 4th of July pictures. Nothing really major has happened to me since then, except for losing my freelance writing job. Unlike some people who just had to get a girlfriend and wont shut up about it! Wink ūüėČ

Anyway, the point of this post is to make a new announcement. Last April, I made a fun joke post about the What’s Up Scott? App, in which I claimed to be devleoping a new application all about me. I had a great time writing the post and if you’d like to read it, click here. I never gave it a moments thought until recently. Listen up people, ¬†it’s actually going to become a reality! Who knew? Well, not so fast. What I’m actually planing to do is create my own iOS companion app for my website.

I’m not a novice to programming, I started out with QBasic.¬†Back then, I was interested in making my own computer games and I developed my own short text-adventure game. The game was simple, using commands conintued the story, taking you to different locations. Even though there were no graphics, it was a fun experience to test the game.¬†I wish I had stuck with it, but at the time, programing was pretty complicated.

A friend of mine mentioned the idea of learning web design, since I’m looking for a new job.¬†There was a time when I used to build my own websites from scratch, but then came website builders like¬†WordPress. It’s so much easier to use WordPress ;). Still, it got me thinking about it and I decided to do a little research. I found a website called¬†https://www.lynda.com/ which has lessons on various topics, mostly related to computers and technology.

I’ve watched several videos about how to program an app for iOS devices. I liked watching @asktodd’s videos.¬†Now, I’m not suddenly an expert on the subject, but I am going to begin developing my first real app for Apple. It will be a long process, but hopefully the app will be a postiive learning experience.¬†I’m brainstorming ideas for content right now and I hope to make it simple and easy to use. The app will first be available for iPhones, but I do plan on making a version for iPads and maybe even Apple Watches. Depending on how this goes, I’d like to make games or pershpas something more useful, but let’s see how a scottdavidbrown.com app goes first.:)

I’m not planning to make a version for Android.¬†I don’t have some kind of vendetta against Android, it just doesn’t make sense to make one on that operating system since I don’t have an Android device. Of course I’ll consider making an Android version, I just have to learn how to do that. And it would also be helpful if I had an Android device to test it.

So, surprisingly, one of my April Fools jokes will actually be real thing. Who would have ever thunk it?