The Lost Elf Book 2 Audiobook


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I have managed to get two short stories finished in The Lost Elf series thus far. It’s taken me much longer to write this series than I anticipated. I really don’t have much of a valid excuse, other than I’m lazy and school got pretty taxing at the end. Thankfully, I have officially graduated from The University of the Rockies with my Masters degree in general psychology and am done with school. The next step if finding a job, a process that will take up some of my time. However, I can now shift some of my focus back to my fantasy series.

Reptilian Encounter, book 2 of The Lost Elf series, has just been released in an audiobook format: Steve Barnes has done another fantastic job bringing my characters to life. We are both excited for the next one! Speaking of which, I am about half way though the first draft of book 3. I hit a snag and felt stuck for a while, but I was able to pick things up. The greatest challenge to writing this short story series for me seems to be trying to separate myself from what has been done. I’m playing Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and it makes me realize how much my stories mirrors this game and others like it. I feel like I have been fairly original while borrowing some elements from other fantasy works like World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda, and Lord of the Rings.  My intent was to make the story feel like a video game, but without it becoming too linear. It’s a delicate balance.

The biggest criticism I have had so far was that the story is too much like a video game in the sense that I follow some RPG like conventions. This helps me to shift a bit to make sure that I keep the balance I’m looking for. Many video games these days have deep story lines. Elder Scrolls has become a series with adult themes that mimic reality. The lessons that one can learn from these games is similar to what you might learn from watching a movie or reading a book. As the video game industry advances I think we will see more and more studios working on games that compete with films. I like some of the elements from fantasy games and that is why I have used them in my stories.

I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and sometimes I feel the urge to move on to another project. I so want to go back and work on my sci-fi novel, Target: Foxtrot (a working title), but I feel that The Lost Elf deserves my attention. This is one of the reasons I decided to write the story in shorts, so that I couldn’t abandon it for some other project. So far this has worked!

The Original Mii on Wii

HAA_0012HAA_0011This is the original Scott David Brown Mii from back with I first got my Nintendo Mii back in 2006. Well, he has had some work done over the years, but still the same basic Mii. I’m posting this guy to celebrate my birthday today!

Am I Your Favorite Friend?

This month’s addition to Mii of the Month consists of two Miis. The first is a character from a popular T.V. show that I got from the Wii community and the second Mii is one that I created.

HAA_0010 HAA_0007This Mii is based on a character from the T.V. show Friends. Hopefully you can tell who this is, but in case you can’t, it’s the loveable Phoebe played by Lisa Kudrow. Sh’s not my creation, but not a bad likeness don’t you think?

HAA_0009 HAA_0008 This is Cleo. I created her for the Nintendo channel for Wii users who competed to create Miis based on a theme that Nintendo chose. In this case, I was trying to create Cleopatra. I got a good score if I remember correctly.