Wii Box 360

Wii U Gamepad and Xbox 360 Controller
Wii U Gamepad and Xbox 360 Controller

I’ve been a fan of Nintendo since I was a small child. I tend to be loyal to brands that I grow up with or use for several years. Nintendo has the innovation that I have come to expect from them. For many years, I was a Nintendo fan-boy and I never gave much thought to owning other gaming systems. In my early 20’s I changed my tune. I had a PS2, then Xbox, then a PS2 again. Got rid of that for a Xbox 360, traded that in and later got a PS3 (had that break, got more PS3’s, they broke too until I got a slim), and finally traded in my PS3 slim and later got a Xbox 360 E. I’ve met people who had Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox at the same time. Heck don’t count out the PC.  I’ve been a PC gamer even before having my NES.

It was a bit weird to own a gaming console that wasn’t a Nintendo, but it was fun to break out of my fanboy-ism.  It’s been difficult to decide which to stick with, PlayStation or Xbox. I liked the PS3 because it had free online gaming and it was more affordable. I THOUGHT it would be more reliable, but that turned out not to be the case. I think both Sony and MS have tried to avoid the red ring of death and yellow light of death that Xbox and PlayStation had in the early days. I hope that is true. but I’m going to stick with my Wii U and Xbox 360 for a while. Will I get a PS4 or Xbox One?

I think I’ll end up with one of those next-gen consoles eventually. Right now, Xbox One seems more likely, however I don’t trust the reliability of the hardware. It’s probably best to hold off on a PS4 or Xbox One until the next remodel or two. The most noticeable factor in going back to Xbox is the controller for me. I really like the Xbox controller more than the PlayStation, except that the d-pad is better on the PS3 controller than it is on the Xbox 360. I have heard that the Xbox One controller has a better d-pad than the previous generation.

The Xbox triggers and control sticks are a better design than the PlayStation in my opinion. I like that the sticks are father apart and the triggers feel more natural. The home button is bigger, which is nice. Another thing that I didn’t like about the PlayStation controller was that it felt cheap and too easy to break. I hear the PS4 controller feels sturdier, which is a good thing.

What really made me leave PS3 was the games. I felt that too many of the games  for PS3 are now available on Steam (I heart Steam), so it didn’t seem worth keeping the PS3. The exclusives do not seem to be enough to keep my interest. Uncharted, SOCOM, and a few others are fun, but I feel like I’ve grown tired of them. Meanwhile, Xbox has RARE, Gears of War, Halo, and Forza for some realistic racing action. It really makes sense for me to have one Japanese gaming system and an American console. Both Wii U and Xbox offer different types of games. While Xbox is more FPS and sports, Nintendo has first party titles that take me back and some unique games you won’t get from an American market. I should note that this is changing to some degree.

Sony may indeed be the underdog this generation, as I have heard one executive say. However, Sony does have a lot of fans and I think they will be king of the industry for a while. MS is getting better and Nintendo still has the portable market cornered. It is truly a wonderful time to be a gamer. I like seeing three competitors and I hope they all stick around for years to come. Ohhh, can’t wait to check out a Steam Box!

Getting Started in Minecraft

Just a short video for those who are new to Minecraft. I help you get a good start in a new world by showing you how to build shelter, so you will be prepaired when it’s night-time. This is part 1 and there are more videos to come.


The Fight Heard Round the Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am about to share something that may seem strange to write about on my blog, but I feel like I need to share it. Last night while I was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, a girlfriend and boyfriend began fighting and everyone in the room heard it. Yes, I was hunting down some bad guy in an online multiplayer match and all of a sudden some guy starts yelling and a verbal fight ensues. The girlfriend sounded pretty surprised.

Basically, the boyfriend was told by one of his guy friends that his girlfriend was dancing with a man at a club. I get the feeling she had recently been with her friends at a dance club, discotech, or whatever you young kids call them these days! Anyway, the boyfriend was pretty upset, so I imagine that he believed his girlfriend was dancing in an inappropriate way with this guy at the club. To be fair, she denied any wrong doing the whole time and said she had been dancing with her girlfriends. The girlfriend also claimed that the guy who claimed to see her dancing with a guy at the club was telling lies in order to break up other couples, because he was jealous of them and didn’t like being single. She claimed the guy tried to break up another couple, giving their names. I’d call it, “if I can’t have a girlfriend, no one can” kind of attitude. It may seem farfetched, but I there are weirdos out there.

At first, it was really annoying. Here I am trying to get to prestige level 4 and now I have to endure this fight between two people, probably around their early 20s. But, after a while, I started becoming invested in the relationship when  she asked him, “Don’t you trust me?” I began to feel sorry for her. To me he was complaining about something that seemed overboard. So what if she had been dancing with another guy? Though I wouldn’t appreciate it if my girlfriend had been dancing with another guy doing sexy movies, I still wouldn’t have acted the way the boyfriend did. The mature thing was to calmly talk about it and give her the benefit of the doubt. Based on her reactions, she seemed genuinely surprised at his accusations. How does he know she was NOT dancing with her girlfriends instead of some random dude? He trusted his guy friend more than his girlfriend, which seemed strange to me.

The more the fight went on, the more defensive she got and I didn’t get the impression that she was being dishonest. She was either being honest or was a really good actor. I felt like speaking up and saying something, but I wasn’t using my mic, rarely do I actually use it. Besides, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to intervene, it wasn’t any of my business and yet everyone in the game could hear it. It was like we were apart of their fight. I wonder what the other gamers were thinking? I don’t think anyone was using a mic. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say he is a jealous type and even may have some trust issues. It’s difficult to say for sure since I don’t know them nor do I have any context of their relationship. Maybe she is a liar and has cheated before or maybe he’s just a big jerk. I know if I was the boyfriend I’d at least consider her side of the story. He was intent on believing his friend over her and was upset that she wouldn’t admit to any wrong doing. Well, what if she didn’t do anything wrong?

Thankfully, it sounded like just a verbal fighting match and there wasn’t anything physical going on as far as I could tell. I’d wager that things would cool down and maybe he’d come to his senses. I guess you can tell that I’m on her side! What was scary for me was had there been any domestic abuse, I would have been helpless to stop it. Even if I had my mic on, there’s not really anything I could say to stop it. Had I checked to see which PS3 account was hooked up to the mic, I may not have been able to tell if it was the girl’s or the guy’s. Sending a text message might have been inappropriate and it’s not like I can call 911 and tell them some guy is beating his girlfriend on Call of Duty.

The fight ended and whoever was playing shut off the game. This was all happening around 11:00pm. What would happen next? Ultimately, the realization was that I could do nothing to help, though I wish I could have. It was such a strange experience, it was like I was a researcher observing a couple in a science experiment. I wanted the boyfriend to believe is girlfriend, I was rooting for her. I hope things turned out ok for them. Maybe she will dump this guy, if he can’t trust her, why be with him? Or maybe after calming down he will realise that he overreacted. Then again, maybe he was right all along and he is going to move on. Who knows?

I guess you just never know what’s going to happen when you are playing an online video game late at night.