New Cover Art

Reptilian Encounter

Ta Dah! The next book in The Lost Elf series is called: Reptilian Encounter. Here is the cover art for book 2. I’m happy to share with you all what the cover will look like. Now I just have to publish the actual book! If you have been  following my little announcements on my “Latest Book News” widget at the top of the site, you know that I am in the editing process. I have another draft to go through, at least. I’m planning on an April release, probably towards the end of the month. Watch for it!


April Fools!

I haz April Foolz lolcats. Intended for use on...
I haz April Foolz lolcats. Intended for use on an April Fool’s page. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope everyone had a fun April fools day yesterday  I enjoyed some of the jokes from some of the websites. I thought YouTube’s one was funny and Google had a decent funny one as well. Of course, I had to get in on the action as well and so I am sorry today that I played a little joke on you all yesterday!

Yesterday I announced that I was going to be a future guest on Chris Haye’s new show, “All In.” Unfortunately that was a hoax! I wanted to do a joke that would be believe able. Rachael Maddow said on her show that when you want to do an April Fool’s joke that you want it to seem believable. It should be something that sucks you right in, only to realized afterward how silly it was to believe. Well, I feel I accomplished that, at least my friends and family got it. I had my mom for a second!

If some of you were excited to see my on Chris Haye’s new show, I am sorry to say you were fooled! Or more likely you thought, yeah right, no way this is true! Whatever the case, you can get me back next year!

By the way, I’m thinking of trying to start a hash-tag, #sdbmania. Or are you still mad? Never mind then!

I’m All In with Chris Hayes

MSNBC's Chris Hayes, "Getting Past the Fa...
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, “Getting Past the Fail Decade” LIVE at The Common Good – July 18, 2012 (Photo credit: thecommongoodusa)

I’m excited to announce that I will be a future guest on Chris Hayes’ new show, All In! I was an avid fan of his on Up With Chris Hayes as the show dealt with many interesting issues. While Mr. Hayes has “liberal” opinions, many of which I share, I feel that he has been respectful to his guests with different views. There have been several conservative republicans on the show and it was great to see differing arguments on issues. There were times were you could see conservatives and liberals debating their positions and I feel the show has brought credibility and civility to political debate.

I can’t wait for the start of Chris’ new show, All In. Tonight at 5pm PST, will be his first show! I’m not sure when my appearance on the show will be yet, still working out the details with his staff, but it should be really soon. I’m looking forward to discussion politics with Chris and of course my self-published books. More information will be posted on my blog once the details get sorted out.

Here is the link to the show’s Facebook page: