BlockBuster Dreams

Tiger from San Diego Wild Animal Park
Tiger from San Diego Wild Animal Park

Science shows us that dreams fit a very important function. They keep our mind active while we sleep. The human brain does not really ever shutdown. It’s always active, sort of like a power plant. If the brain were to completely shutdown, there would be no way for it activate again. You can think of it as like a computer going into sleep mode, ;).

Dreams are fascinating though, because there are theories that dreams serve more of a purpose then just keeping the brain active. Some say that dreams are a window to the subconscious. The crap that we don’t deal with does seem to come up in my dreams. They could be fears, pain, happy memories, and many other things. People spend a lot of time trying to understand dreams and it can be difficult to do so.

This morning I had two dreams that I remember. We had a cat that looked like a tiger, like the one in the picture above, only in a  house cat size. The second dream had a reoccurring theme, one that I am sometimes loathe to experience. It returned me to a time when I still had a job, one that wasn’t really good.

I worked for Blockbuster Video for almost 10 years. When I started, it was a good job and it was a fun place to work. Viacom eventually sold the company as the internet reared its ugly head. They knew something was coming, lol! Yes the internet broke Blockbuster Video, but ultimately it was the people in charge that led to bankruptcy of the company.  It wasn’t a happy job in the end.

I was transferred to a store where the store manager eventually wanted to get rid of me. He was certainly not a nice guy, at least to me, but part of it was all the pressure to sell, sell, sell, I’m sure. Mangers were under a lot of pressure. This was something that I was reminded of when I had my final dream of the morning.

I was back in a Blockbuster store. I have some strange Blockbuster exam that I had to finish that was a take home test. I hadn’t finished it, but it was no matter. I was supposed to do my job now and the test had to wait. In the dream I am reunited with an old “friend” from high school who never worked for Blockbuster in real life! She visits my dreams very rarely these days, though she used to be more frequent years ago. The manager wasn’t happy with my work and then begins the uncomfortable part. In this case, I defend myself, feeling that I’m being picked on unfairly. I try to do my job better, but nothing seems to help.

The dream is a reminder of how I felt working for the company during the last year I was employed there. I lost my job unfairly, I was supposed to be transferred, but that never happened. I suppose it worked out fine, you won’t see a Blockbuster Video store anywhere now. I would have lost my job eventually. Still, it affects me to this day, even though it’s been about 5 years since. It wasn’t the worst dream I ever had, but Blockbuster dreams can sometimes be painful. The happy ones are nice, even though they are few and far between.

Haha, it used to be strange to be complimented on my work. Now that I am working at the hardiness lab at the University of California, Irvine, the atmosphere is much different. The lab leader called me awesome for some research I did to help on a study we’re developing. It’s certainly much nicer than being told you suck!

The negative experiences from working at Blockbuster do tend to make me want to avoid retail employment like the plague. I’m job hunting, have been for the last several months, but now I’m looking in new places. My position at the lab is volunteer work, but it’s good experience. It could lead to a paid job or a foot in the door to a PhD program. I sometimes worry about entering another work environment like the one I had when I worked for Blockbuster. You never know, but you still have to take a chance. Besides, retail usually sucks anyway. 😉