Hello Scott


“Hello Scott” is a social media app designed for scottdavidbrown.com. It features four tabs for the official accounts of this website. Each tab allows access for the social media accounts of this site, including: Wordpess, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. You can download the app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by clicking on the Download icon below:

Apple Store App



Each tab gives access to the user’s social media accounts! Simply login as you would on an internet browser. There is also a navigation bar for each tab with a home and refresh button, making it easy to check a personal feed and to see the latest posts. Currently, there are only navigation buttons (“<” and “>”) on the “Most Recent” tab. This is because there were problems with the buttons functioning on the other tabs, so they were removed.


The app uses Safari to browse webpages and is limited to scottdavidbrown.com and the various social media sites. Links should function correctly, however. Always keep up with the latest content from scottdavidbrown.com!

P.S. – Android version in development.