Hello Scott


Ever wanted to visit my website on the go? Now it’s easy to do just that with “Hello Scott” the companion app for scottdavidbrown.com. Currently in beta, e-mail SDBman@cox.net to sign up to join the beta test. What does it do?  It allows access to scottdavidbrown.com on the go. The Hello Scott app is programmed to open my website from the initial screen. There, you can browse my recent posts and follow my blog.



The second tab is dedicated to my Twitter feed. You can see my latest tweets or send me a message from there. It’s also possible to access your Twitter account from my app. Just log in through the app’s browser like you would normally.


The third tab has the Facebook page for scottdavidbrown.com. This should not be taken as my personal Facebook page, it isn’t. But, you can follow any late breaking news about my blog here. Like with the Twitter section, you can log in to your Facebook account to interact with the webpage.

The latest feature added to the beta app is a simple navigation bar. There is a back button, forward button, and a reload button. I’m planing on changing the size of the forward/back buttons as well as add a Home button. As always, I accept any feedback. 🙂