It’s the Holidays!


Once again it’s time for the digital snow to fall all over! I was so excited for it to start that I have been checking my blog every other day, waiting for it to start. I’m happy to see it was an automated feature, no need to activate it! Nice!  Sadly, my visual theme for the blog wasn’t ideal for the effect, so I made a slight change. 😉

The solution? Change the theme! So for now my blog will look like this until at least the end of the snowfall feature, which I think is January 4th. I’m not sure if I will be returning to my old theme or trying something new. I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

On another note, the holiday season has made me feel like writing again. I’ve gotten back into editing Like Human, my story about a robot who wants to be human. It’s wonderful to be getting back into the project. I feel bad for neglecting it for so long. I usually take breaks from my stories once I feel I need one. This particular absence has been too long, sadly.

The story is about a man named Charles who has lost his family and now only has his childhood robot left to remind him of his past. 6-40c, the robot, helps keep Charles grounded. 6-40c provides a sense of normalcy for Charles, but also it makes him feel connect to the family he lost. Once the robot changes and begins to behave bizarrely, Charles finds it difficult to cope. The robot’s change into a “human like” being threaten’s Charle’s sanity. This is why Charles is so hostile to the change his robot seeks to create, to become human. Charles fears his deep loneliness and fears losing what is left of his childhood, thus he takes out his fear on 6-40c.

Like Human is a very different kind of story than what I usually write. It’s going deeper into emotional topics and psychological issues than I normally do. This once feels like it has more heart, more emotion. It’s fun and I like challenging myself. When finished, it will be a short story, and I’ll try to shop it around to different sci-fi mags. That reminds me, I have another short story that I wrote and I’m thinking of publishing it on my blog. Might be fun 🙂


Hello Scott Update 1.2


The new loading screen.

It’s time for the first major patch to my new app! I’m also happy to point out that there’s a new page on this site dedicated to the app which tells you all you want to know about my app in development. I won’t go in-depth about what the app does, but check out the page if you want to learn about it. I will tell you about some new features coming to the app. What are they you ask?

  • Improved navigation bar – Now has a refresh and home button. Perfect for times when its necessary to reload the current page in view or if you want to go back to the “home” page.
  • Back and forward buttons start disabled – While still not working as intended, the idea is that the buttons should not be usable unless there is a page the user can move to either forward or backward. I think the app might use too much memory, but I’m still looking into it.
  • Loading screen – There’s now a regular loading screen. Subject to change.
  • New LinkedIn tab – Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Working on this app has been on of the most frustrating experiences in recent years, haha. However, I’m enjoying the feeling I get when I figure out how to implement a feature or fix an error in my code. It’s a slow learning curve, but with enough work on this app, I should be well on my way to learning Swift in Xcode.


Hello Scott

It’s time to announce the official name of my new app, “Hello Scott.” The app, as I have mentioned before, is designed specifically for this website. It allows users to view the mobile version of my website and includes a search feature, so you can search blog posts right from the app. There’s two additional tabs that link to my Twitter account and the Facebook account.

The beta version is currently available to test for the iPhone. If you’re interested, e-mail me at with your name and e-mail address. I’ll add you to my beta program and send you a link. You first have to download the TestFlight app (totally free) and then download my app from TestFlight. The beta test will last at least a couple of months as I add new features and make any necessary changes.

I’m excited to see what happens with this app!