SDBmania News, AND Then Some

Thoughts about my podcast still linger in my brain as I conveniently ignore it while working on new content for my streaming channel on Apparently my laziness has promted me to forget about it. Though to be fair, the idea is still incomplete. Do I want to act like a TV host all by myself? Where is my Andy Richter?

So for now, we will have to settle for something else until I figure out how I want to do the podcast. Enter SDBmania News! For a while now I have used !news to let viewers know what’s going on with my channel. That’s great, but what about people who don’t like to read? Then I thought about my YouTube channel. I don’t use it nearly enough and since I can’t post Twitch videos on my blog, making YouTube videos to highlight new stuff about my Twitch channel made a lot of sense. And thus, my news program was born!

SDBmania News is a short video about the latest developments on my Twitch channel. It will also contain important information, like mikefiftymillion’s gofundme page. I will try to add a new video every week, so you can watch me talk about myself for several minutes. Yikes! I’m also going to try an make an effort to work on my blog a bit more. Maybe post some game reviews and talk about issues related to Twitch. Anyway, hope you like the first installment of SDBmania News!!! OMG!!!