I Have Returned, I think


Holy heck!? I haven’t written a new post in like a year! And I’m playing for this site!! Okay, well let’s kick it in gear and at least try to make some use out of this website. Hopefully this time I won’t take such a long break. People might actually want to read what I have to say! Or not. At any rate, here’s my “I’m back again and this time will try to write more” post. Why haven’t I been writing lately? Because, I’ve been putting a lot of time into my Twitch Channel: SDBmania. That’s what. In fact, my little channel is growing at a nice pace. Sadly, that’s the only thing I have been doing with my life, for the most part.

Why have I been spending so much time on Twitch? Cuz I need to build my audience! It takes a lot of effort for a guy like me to grow my channel. I worked hard for around 6 months to get affiliated with Twitch. Now I’m starting to earn a little money, but more importantly, meeting some cool people. So, yeah, I spent a lot of time streaming and will continue to do so.

However, now that I feel things are going better, I want to spend a little time getting back into writing. I haven’t worked on my fiction for like ever. I don’t feel motivated to do it, but maybe if I start working on my blog again I might get inspired. So far, nope. But hey, I can at least give my blog the attention it deserves! Or at least a little bit.

I’m starting off with a short post saying I’m back, hopefully for good this time, and I’ll be working on another post talking about what I want to do with my twitch channel going forward. So sit back and read to your hearts content! Also, hope that I don’t get too lazy and give up on wordpress again. 😦

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