Android and Apple Get Along


Android phone or iPhone? Many ask themselves that very question. For a little backstory, I had two Android phones before I switched to the iPhone and that was because Sprint didn’t have the iPhone for a long while. I never thought I’d have an android device again, until I got my Kindle Fire HD for Christmas last year.

Recently I found a sweet deal on Amazon for a special edition of the Moto E4, a new version by Motorola (yes that company still exists!). It seemed like a great deal for just $99, as an Amazon Prime member. “But Scott,” you may ask, “don’t you have an iPhone? Why would you want an Android phone?”

It’s been suggested on Reddit that it’s a good idea to have a second phone just for driving with Lyft. And since I tend to get annoying telemarketer calls on my iPhone, which I block, getting a second phone made since. It’s also good for tax purposes. Plus, I wanted to use Android Auto since Lyft uses Google Maps and it would be nice using the Ford Escape’s in-dash screen. It’s possible somehow telemarketers will get my number. I’ve already had a few wrong numbers so far and I’ve only had the phone for a few days lol!

The first phone I was looking at was the LG Tribute from Sprint. At $120, it seemed like a good budge phone. Plus, it would be “free” after a Visa gift card. Then Amazon gave me that great deal, so I thought I’d go for the Moto e4 instead (plus the Moto is a newer phone with more features). So now I have both Android and iOS phones, which means I’m a double agent! But who am I working for? 😉

The main perk of having both an iPhone and Android phone means I can work on my Hello Scott app on both platforms! As I have announced recently on my social media accounts, “Hello Scott” is under review by Apple. It should take a couple of days or so. Hopefully it passes, but if not, they should give me the reasons why and then I can try to fix the app. Now with my new Moto E4, I can start learning how to make an Android version of “Hello Scott.” I’ve taken a tutorial and so far I don’t think its going to be a huge leap to learn how to do it even though I’m more familiar with Xcode.

So far, the Moto feels like a nice phone. It’s light, nice screen (a little larger than my iPhone 7), and the OS seems to be running well (We will see how that goes, cuz in the past Android OS hasn’t’ been the best experience for me). It’s not as fast or as nice as my iPhone, but I think it’s going to work well for what I’ll use it for.  My favorite feature so far is the home button, which works as both a fingerprint scanner and can be used as the three bottom buttons on Android. I can use one finger to go back, see all my open apps, and go home.

The camera’s aren’t bad, I believe its 8mp back and 5mp front camera. Again not as good as the iPhone 7 camera, but the Moto E4 is a budget phone. It can’t do the fun things the Moto Z can, like use the accessories that hook on the back, which I’m a bit disappointing with. But since this is a work phone that’s not much of an issue. I think the main advantage the Moto has over the iPhone is battery life. At a full charge, based on the battery app, the Moto claims to have about a day and twenty hours of battery life (but that’s probably just when it’s idle). I’d guess it will last longer than the iPhone, but I’m not sure by how much.

My version of the Moto requires an account with Amazon and I get little ads on the lock screen. Simluar to what Amazon does with some of their Kindles. Having the ads means paying less for the device. The ads aren’t annoying. Other than that, my google account is also built into the OS. So, most of the Google apps are native to the phone. Kind of like how my Apple ID is built into my iPhone. It’s seamless and works great.

Another neat thing about this version of the Moto E4 is that it comes unlocked. That means I could choose what service provider I wanted. I have Sprint, so I get a special deal for my phone. As in, I don’t have to pay anything for the service! No additional monthly fee on the Sprint bill, I guess because of the family plan I’m on. Getting the phone activated was kind of a pain though, since Sprint is kind of new to SIM cards. It took some time for the guy to find the right SIM card, but thankfully he found one.

So, when I got the phone, all I needed to do was take off the back of the phone and get the SIM card and install the battery. There is a slot near the SIM slot for a micro SD card up to 128gb. The phone comes with internal 16gb which get’s used up fast. In fact, when I set up the phone before getting the SIM card, the phone said I was using just shy of 8gbs. That’s with downloading a few apps. I could free up a lot of that space by deleting some of the apps that come with the phone. Most of the Amazon apps and some Google apps are pre-installed.

For me, 16gbs is plenty of storage, so I won’t be expanding it. However, if you are thinking about buying this phone, you probably want to buy at least a 32gb card or go crazy and get a 128gb card. The Moto E4 is pretty snappy, only laggy with Pokemon Go so far. Most of my favorite apps work on in it too, like the Lyft driver app, the app for my garage door, and my Shell Fuel Rewards app.

The fingerprint scanner seems to work as well as the iPhone 7 and I like having one button access to see my open apps or to “go back.” The volume and lock button is on the right side of the device, the mini-usb port on the bottom, and on the top is a 3.5 headphone jack. It’s also the thinnest phone I’ve ever owned too. So, if you want a cheap phone that doesn’t feel “cheap,” the Moto E4 might be the right phone for you. Uses the latest version of Android and a quad-core processor. Now please excuse me while I annoy my family by saying, “Hello Moto” all the time, lol! 3-22

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