Nissan Owner Appreciation Event


Boy there’s nothing like driving an electric car! I’m never going back to gas again! I’m so grateful that Nissan took a risk on creating the Nissan LEAF! It’s worked out great. When I got my original Nissan Leaf back in 2011, not only was it their first model, it was also my first Nissan. I wasn’t sure I could convince my mom to go for it, but I’m glad she did!

For the last few years, Nissan has had a special event every year in an effort to keep their customers happy. One year there was a sweepstakes. This year it was a free multi-point inspection. For anyone who has a Nissan model sitting in their garage, they can drive down to their local dealership and have their car examined for free. It’s really just like getting a checkup for your car.

It was quite a nice thing for me since I bought my current LEAF used. I was confident the car was in good condition mechanically, but why not have Nissan look it over anyway? It passed with flying colors and since I was there, I had them replace the battery in my key fob for $8.

It may seem like a marketing gimmic, but I didn’t leave the dealership with a new car. I was only there for about an hour, watching Dr. Phil, haha. And while I plan on keeping my car for a long, long time, it’s nice to feel appreciated. It also makes me want to stick with Nissan too, so customer loyalty is probably important to the automaker. You have till June 30th to get your free checkup.


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