Only You Can Save Earth, From Stuff


This Earth Day, we have a lot to worry about. With the country still gripped with a dependence on fossil fuels, the EPA being head by someone who is a climate-denier, and problems with lead in water in several towns throughout the nation (Flint’s doing better, but still has “acceptable” levels of lead in the water). 😮

Being an environmentalist these days is no walk in the park. There’s a lot of crap out there, miss information, lies, all from an industry that doesn’t want to change. Big oil is supposedly moving towards renewable energy. I’m not holding my breath. 😉 I think they’d probably rather just drill baby drill till there’s nothing left!

I’ve talked about things we can do to help improve our own environment in previous Earth Day posts. I’ve also talked about the fact that I live in a home that uses solar panels and I drive an electric car. So this time I’d like to talk about what I like about nature.

If I were an animal, I’d be an inside cat. It’s tough for me to be outside during the day since the sun is out to kill me. 😉 Being outside during the day means I have to wear sunscreen (something I liberally spray myself with, just ask Mark Mushakian). So when I do go outside, I do my best to enjoy it.

Thankfully, I don’t have to go far to enjoy nature. It’s all around my neighborhood. There’s the man-made city lake, with plenty of mallards and geese to hang with. Want to go camping? Well, there’s O’Neil Park just a few miles away. Heck, I can just walk out of my house and just a few yards to the greenbelt to get some shade and check out the local wildlife. Right now, the bunnies abound.

The sounds of birds warning of my intrusions, the rustling of the bushes as little creatures scurry away from me, and when that gentile breeze is tacked on, quite a nice experience. Now that I’m walking every day, I can enjoy nature while I get my uphill exercise.

Our environment is so important, even if you don’t believe in climate science, you still ought to respect nature and approve of protecting it. We allow too much destruction of our environment. From poisoning water systems to filling our air with toxic chemicals, politics should stop us from having clean air and water. After all, we all have to drink and breath regardless of our politics.

With that said, let’s celebrate the wonders of nature today. I encourage you to get outside and soak up the wonders of nature.  See what animals you can find. Attempt to identify a plant or a tree. Or just be lazy and watch some YouTube videos about nature (though get out side instead). However you decide to celebrate Earth Day today, just remember how important this planet is. It’s all we’ve got and that means we have the responsibility to keep it healthy. I’ll see you outside (wow that felt weird to type)!

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