Pokemon a Go-Go


OMG Pokemon are real! Yo, check out this photo! It’s Proof! So many exclamation points! Okay, so no this isn’t another one of my April Fools posts. This years isn’t as fun as my previous ones. My favorite is probably the What’s Up Scott? post. I also really enjoyed this one: I’m All In with Chris Hayes, in which I claimed to be future guest on “All In with Chris Hayes.” I’m actually a fan of Hayes, since his first show on MSNBC “Up with Chris Hayes,” which was a weekend two-hour show. And who could forget my post that was all about me: The Greatest Story Ever Told? Well, not everyone is excited about April Fools day, so why not have a more serious post? A Pokemon post.


I was a fan of Pokemon from the beginning, when the first games came out for Gameboy. Really addicting gameplay. I recently finished Pokemon Yellow on the 3DS virtual console, oh the memories. There were 150 pokemon back then, though Mew was one of those hard to find pokemon bonus pokemon. You had to go to a special event to get one. I checked my old Pokemon Blue and Yellow games from back then and sure enough I have all 150 official pokemon on both games. My brother had Pokemon Red, so I didn’t have to worry about collecting all of them. It would be sweet if I could transfer those pokemon into the Pokemon bank, but alas I can’t. At least the guys I got for the virtual console version can be transferred to the new Pokemon games. I started playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I really miss having Pikachu following me around. Just imagine what it would be like if you could have one of those yellow guys following you around!


Pokemon Go is a different type of pokemon game, which is kind of like what Safari Zone was in the original Pokemon games. In Go, you simply catch pokemon in the wild with pokeballs and maybe use some berries if you want an easier time catching them. Pokemon Go doesn’t require you to battle wild Pokemon to catch them, as is the traditional method for the regular games. However, you can battle in gyms. In Go, the fights happen in real-time, as opposed to menu-battle in the traditional games. There’s also a limit to moves, namely just two moves in Pokemon Go where there are 4 in the regular games.


The best thing about Pokemon Go is that it motivates me to go walking for a half hour at least, every day. I get to catch some pokemon, hit a few pokestops to restock on items, and work on my streaks for that sweet bonus xp at the end of the week. Today I snapped quite a bit of photos, the ones included in this post, so I’ll leave you with one more. A happy bulbasaur.


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