Trying Something New


Last month I became Lyft driver. It’s a job that promises to pay better than other ride-sharing services. Ride-sharing provides a unique way to make money, but it depends on the rides you are able to find and how far you have to drive to find them. While I do think Lyft is a good service, I decided that it’s not really worth it for me. Driving an electric car for something like this is best in a major city. And really, I don’t like driving, haha.

I’ve been researching other potential jobs for the last month or so.  I’ve talked about getting a job before on my blog, but it’s difficult for me to find something that is a good fit. I am focusing on working towards getting a job as an or writer in some capacity. That is why I’m working on improving my writing skills. has several online courses and I recently decided to take a class on grammar. My hope is that I can learn how to become a professional editor/writer. Once I finish, I’ll get a certificate of completion, and that’s going on my resume. I plan to take the class over and over again or something like it until I reinforce the knowledge gained. And of course, while I do this, I’ll be working on a couple of stories too. 😉


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