Space Shooter! Nice!

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I made my first game! However, there is one little important detail to mention, I stole it. Haha, okay that’s a lie, actually I made it using a tutorial with the Unity game engine. This isn’t my first finished game. I made another game with GameMaker Studio, but you don’t want to play that one, trust me.

Space Shooter is a simple game with the player piloting a spaceship and shooting asteroids. There’s a new wave of asteroids every few seconds and the game ends when the player blows up by crashing into one of the hazards. That’s right, the only way to end the game is to crash into an asteroid.

The first game I made with Unity is called, “Roll a Ball,” and is basically a sphere that you can roll around and collect objects. Winning requires the player to collect every object. These two tutorials are basic, but they introduce the basics of designing a game with Unity.

The Space Shooter tutorial is designed to be a web-game, so to play the game you just have to visit the website I made for it. I created a link in the main menu of this website called, you guessed it, Space Shooter. Go ahead and give it a whirl. I’m using github to host the game!

With Unity I can create a game in the editor and then build it for just about any platform. That means I could make games for the web, PC, Mac, and even video game consoles. Just imagine playing one of my games on Xbox or Wii U? Of course, I’m more of a designer rather than a graphics guy or a composer. That means I may have to buy pre-made audio, music, and other elements for my potential first real game. Sure, I could create the images and sounds myself (I have the necessary software), but I’m not the best at drawing or making music.

I’m still messing around with the tutorials on the Unity website, but I do plan to start designing my own original game soon. I’ll start really simple and then expand on my game. This is all just a hobby right now, but if I can make a successful video game, who knows what the future will hold…



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