The Start of Something New

Fresh new asphalt, yeah baby!

It’s time for something new. Friday the city repaved the street in front of my house. I’m guessing they are just about finished with the neighborhood by now. Sure it’s a pain for most, not so much me, but it’s worth it in the end. I’m sure most of you have been through the same thing.

Now that I’m having to look for a new job, I’ve been thinking about what I really want to do. Opening up my own buisness, perhaps learn programing? Maybe in the long run my recent expereince with change will end up positive. At the very least it has led me to developing my own iOS app! It’s approaching it’s “beta” stage. I can test the app on my iPhone right now and I’m really excited about how quickly I was able to put it together.

Currently, there are only three features, but I will probably add more at some point after I mess around with it and see how it works. If the app passes the beta review from Apple, I’ll be able have people beta test it and give feedback. For now probably just friends and family will be checking it out.

Oh, I decided not to use the title, “What’s Up Scott?” from my April Fools post this year. What did I decide to call it? “Hello Scott,” that’s what! It’s still a working title and I may change it at some point, but I feel like it’s an apt name. Since personal blogs are usually conversational, “Hello Scott” seems to be in the right direction.

Want to learn more about my first app? Stay tuned! I wouldn’t be surprised if get’s a new webpage all about it. 😉

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