Minecraft Begats Mine Chest

Bring Minecraft into your real life.

My referral link: https://minechest.com/refer/Scott-LYPTBLES

Have $30 to spend, but don’t know what to spend it on? Mine Chest! What is Mine Chest? It’s pretty much a way to get Minecraft fans to spend more money, yet for some reason I’m still pretty excited about it. Who isn’t curious about what comes inside each box?

I’ve been curious about these “geek” boxes popping up on the internet. Loot Crate is probably the most known box of geeky goodness. They give you an idea of what to expect, but still leave some mystery. There’s a different theme every month, and these companies offer the swag in a subscription based format. You can usually pay month-to-month or in bulk.

Imagine spending $335.88 a year (not including shipping and tax) to get your very own Mine Chest ever month! Paying for a whole year in advance saves you about $25. I can’t see myself wanting to buy that subscription, having all that Minecraft stuff, it seems like too much. After a while, I’d run out of space. That’s why I’m just giving it a try for a month or two. I could use a new t-shirt anyway.


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