An Apple A Day…


Apple is having their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week and the big news is the plethora of updates coming to their operating system platforms this fall. Check out iDropNews for all of the latest updates from the conference. There wasn’t any new hardware presented at the keynote address on Monday, but it’s likely we will see upgraded Apple devices coming by the end of the year. A new iPhone is pretty much guaranteed and hopefully an update to the Apple Watch.

What I’m really looking forward to with the new software updates is the ability to unlock a MacBook with the Apple Watch. Hopefully the iPhone will be added to that at some point. Also, Siri is coming to Mac finally (I admit I don’t use Cortana on my PC, but I do on my Xbox).

The best thing about these new updates is that they will be free to owners of Apple computers and devices. It’s wonderful! Of course, some older Apple devices will not be upgradeable to the new software. This is usually because of hardware limitations. Thankfully, my MacBook Pro 2011 model is still upgradeable, and hopefully that will be true for many more years to come.


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