Falling Back Into Fallout

My bear friend helping me take out some mercenaries

One of the most fun games at the end of the oughts (2000s) was Fallout 3. It was the first game in the series that I ever played, never knowing about the originals when I was a kid. Playing as the Lone Wonderer was so much fun and I made a lot of digital friends. I eventually bought the Fallout collection on Steam and got my first taste of the series. Fallout 1 and take place in Southern California and Fallout Vegas is a wink and a nod to the old games.

I first played Fallout 3 on PS3 and it was the first time I ever earned “trophies,” what Sony calls achievements. I had to play the game all over again to collect them all, but I didn’t mind one bit. There’s something about a game where you can just explore on your own and don’t have to follow the main quest line in a static way.

In 2010 I switched to Steam and it was time to earn all of the achievements again. This time I was stuck with the Games for Windows Live setup, which is now defunct. I was able to get most of the achievements, but as I tend to do, I stopped playing a while as other games distracted me. When GfWL ended, so did my CD Key for Steam, such was the case for anyone with the game. The sad thing about that was I could no longer earn the remaining achievements, or so I thought. Thankfully, there is a work around, as most of the old GfWL games work with each others keys. The downside is that you can only use them three times before the key becomes worthless.

We’ve all had those days

Many of those old Windows titles have switched over to Steam now. Red Faction Guerrilla became a Steam Edition, which means achievements transfer over and some games allow you to make your own mods too. While Fallout 3 is still stuck as a Windows Live title, you don’t have to sign in to the service anymore to play. You still have to download the Windows Live game client though.

On Windows 10, Fallout 3 runs pretty well, though it does crash on occasion. Such is the way the game was programmed. One of the reasons I decided to switch to PC for Elder Scrolls and Fallout games was to avoid game breaking bugs. At least on the PC you can always fix any problems you have yourself, like getting stuck, or is there’s a missing NPC somewhere.

Despite the technical issues the game has, it’s still quite fun, and when there is a problem it’s a minor thing. Yesterday I finished The Pitt, the last DLC I had left to play. Then it was time to clean out the slavers at Paradise Falls followed by completing the last mission I had left, Tenpenny Tower.

Now the only thing left to do is finish my last two achievements: finding the bobble heads and killing the super mutant behemoths. I’ll just be wondering around the Capital Wasteland for a little bit longer, finishing things up and checking out the locations I’ve never been to. I’ll have my trusty companion Charon and Dogmeat, my dog, with me. It’s going to be bitter sweet when it’s all over.

Even once I’m done being the Lone Wonderer, at least I’ll be able to play as The Courier, since I own the deluxe edition of Fallout Vegas. There are some fun times in that game, and I sure do love hardcore mode. However, there is just something about wondering around Maryland and Pennsylvania, and exploring the D.C. ruins, that is unlike any other Fallout game. Several aspects of the game are based on our real history, but seeing the monuments, learning about the fictitious historical events in the game, it feels very patriotic.

Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to the Capital Wasteland, a place unlike any other. Where else can you listen to Three Dog, the last journalist, telling the Wasteland about the latest news on Galaxy News Radio? Nowhere, and I imagine that he will never stop fighting the good fight, even when I’ve moved to Vegas.

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