History Happened Again


At the end of the Democrat primary in 2008, then Senator Obama became our nominee, I was a Hillary supporter. I and many of my fellow supporters reached a point when we knew she wasn’t going to be the nominee. Of course we didn’t want to accept it, but it was the reality. Disappointment slowly crept in, and there was anger for some of us too.

I wasn’t angry, more sad. I was also worried about the potential of a fractured Democratic party. Could be come together? Would Obama be able to get Clinton voters? The answer was, yes. Boy what a relief it was too!

Barack Obama was and still is a charismatic figure and that helped him in the long run. However, Hillary went to bat for him and convinced most of us to vote for now President Obama. Looking back, I’m glad that I voted for him the first time and that I was able to play a role in getting him elected the second time around, both as an intern for the Democratic Party of Orange County and by voting for him that November.

Now Bernie supporters are where I was in 2008. I feel for them. It’s not a fun experience. I know about the bitterness, anger, and sad feelings that sometimes result. I don’t wish that on anyone.

I believe Bernie Sanders will ultimately be seen as having a positive effect on the Democratic party and his supporters should feel proud. Bernie deserves mad props for what he was able to accomplish. I hope Bernie will stick with the Democratic Party and help create positive change within the party. He deserves to have at least some of his ideas put into the party platform at the convention.

What I want now is inclusion, unity. It’s not going to be easy, but this country needs it. I hope that Bernie’s supporters will support Hillary in the general election and I think Bernie should play an important role in her campaign at that time. Until then, he should do what he think is best for his supporters and the American people.

The Democratic Party should continue to be inclusive and we need a dialogue of a diversity of ideas within the party. Liberals should not feel like they are ignored and moderates (like myself) need to also have a voice. It’s time for us to come together and make sure that we put another Democrat in The White House.


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