After playing in the Doom beta, there was little doubt that I’d buy the game. Now that I’ve finished the single-player campaign, I think I can say that longtime fans of the Doom series will be pleasantly surprised picking up the new version. It’s not a squeal, it’s a re-imagining of the original game with current graphics and beautiful carnage. The game returns to it’s roots. You’re the only hero killing demons without any help.

I won’t talk about the story, but I do feel like it’s an improvement to the original Doom game. It fits, though I still prefer Doom 3. Despite that, the story is good and keeps you guessing.

Android Features

The single-player campaign is worth buying the game, it’s a fair length and challenging. However, some may feel the $60 price tag isn’t worth it. The user-generated map feature, SnapMap, is a fun addition, but has only one map environment. Multiplayer is classic FPS and fun for what it is. The highlight is picking up a demon rune, becoming a specific type of demon depending on your preference.

The “glory kill” is one of my favorite features. When you do enough damage, demons stagger. There’s a short period of time when the demons are dazed and they flash a blue hue to let players know. It’s a finishing move that makes melee kills more dramatic and gives you bonus ammo or health.

Running around on Mars actually made me think about the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I suppose Doomguy isn’t much like Samus Aran, but there are some similarities. They both live in a space-age future, wear cool spacesuits, have a HUD on their visors, and the UAC lab and facilities remind me of running around the space pirate facilities from Metroid. I really have to go back to The Other M, never finished that game.


The bottom line: Doom 2016 might not be everyone’s cup of tee, but it’s just what the doctor ordered if you are a fan of FPS. It’s not a perfect game, but the single-player campaign is wonderful. SnapMap is promising and hopefully there will be more environments available in the future. Multiplayer does have at least one unique feature, the demon runes, allowing a player to become a demon for a short while. While Doom does have some limitations, it’s worth a buy for the fans.

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