Scott Get’s a Facelift

Old Site


Doomguy visited my website and said, “This ain’t working anymore,” and preceded to destroy it like he does those darn demons. What was I to do? Why, get a makeover of course! After more than four years, I felt it was time for a change.¬†I can’t even think of when or what the last website update was.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Look and Feel. The theme of has changed. As you can see, the green color is been replaced with a nice blue and the old header is gone. Now when you visit the site, the most recent blog post is the focus. The “leave comment” link is also at the top of the site, so it’s that much easier to comments on posts. You also get to see when it was posted right above the post.
  • Widgets. The design is similar to the old site, having the blog posts framed with useful information, but now there’s a lot less of those widgets to look at. I’ve consolidated my social media account links into one nice section and my twitter feed is a little bit more flashy. I’ve also removed my Goodreads widget and some of my website links. My shameless self-promotional links are gone, which means you’ll have to find other ways to give me money. ūüėČ It’s a sign that I am really moving on from writing fiction and focusing more on my job at iDropNews.
  • Search and Archive Function. I’ve made it a little bit more convenient to search the site. Many websites put their search bar at the top, and now it’s a little bit easier to find on my site. Right under that you can search through the site’s archives and laugh at the fact I have very few posts I’ve written over the last few years.
  • Website Title. If you’ve forgotten, my original title of the website was: “The Official Website of Scott David Brown.” Well, that was kind of long, so I shortened it. The image above shows a working title before I settled on SDBMANIA. It’s time that I clarify, yes I am THE SDBmania that you’ve met in online games or seen on social media.
  • Website Menu. For some reason, I lost the menu on my old theme. Perhaps I deleted it at some point without realizing it or WordPress changed it. Regardless, the menu is back. You might notice there are only two options now. I’ve removed most of my old pages, but I am planning to add another page or two to my website. I kept my page about my Mii avatars (Formerly known as “Mii of the Month”) as I didn’t have the heart to delete it. Since Doom has become an important part of my life, I’m planning to have a page dedicated to the Doom maps I build for Xbox One.
  • Latest News. I’ve removed the “latest news” widget as I feel it was a waste of space.
  • Follow Me. Like I said before, I changed the way my social media accounts are promoted on my website. I’ve also added a button to follow my WordPress blog and I removed the option to subscribe to my site via e-mail. Hopefully that won’t be an inconvenience to you, but if you are following me on any of my social media accounts or on WordPress, you already know when my new post is out.¬†IF I get complaints about it, I’d consider putting the option back on my site.

That’s it! I have some ideas of what I might add or bring back, but I hope this new visual design is welcomed. I know change is hard, but it’s unavoidable. Plus, I can’t go back now, it’s too late. Just go with it.




After playing in the Doom beta, there was little doubt that I’d buy the game. Now that I’ve finished the single-player campaign, I think I can say that longtime fans of the Doom series will be pleasantly surprised picking up the new version. It’s not a squeal, it’s a re-imagining of the original game with current graphics and beautiful carnage. The game returns to it’s roots.¬†You’re the only hero killing demons without any help.

I won’t talk about the story, but I do feel like it’s an improvement to the original Doom game. It fits, though I still prefer Doom 3. Despite that, the story is good and keeps you guessing.

Android Features

The single-player campaign is worth buying the game, it’s a fair length and challenging. However, some may feel the $60 price tag isn’t worth it. The user-generated map feature, SnapMap, is a fun addition, but has only one map environment. Multiplayer is classic FPS and fun for what it is.¬†The highlight is picking up a demon rune, becoming a specific type of demon depending on your preference.

The “glory kill” is one of my favorite features. When you do enough damage, demons stagger. There’s a¬†short period of time when the demons are¬†dazed and they flash a blue hue to let players know.¬†It’s a finishing move that makes melee kills more dramatic and gives you bonus ammo or health.

Running around on Mars actually made me think about the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I suppose Doomguy isn’t much like Samus Aran, but there are some similarities. They both live in a space-age future, wear cool spacesuits, have a HUD on their visors, and the UAC lab and facilities remind me of running around the space pirate facilities from Metroid. I really have to go back to The Other M, never finished that game.


The bottom line: Doom 2016 might not be everyone’s cup of tee, but it’s just what the doctor ordered if you are a fan of FPS. It’s not a perfect game, but the single-player campaign is wonderful. SnapMap is promising and hopefully there will be more environments available in the future. Multiplayer does have at least one unique feature, the demon runes, allowing a player to become a demon for a short while. While Doom does have some limitations, it’s worth a buy for the fans.