Pika, Pika!

Pokemon Yellow Cartridge

Well, Pokemon is officially 20 years old now! I was 17 at the time the original games came out, so this game really dates me. In fact, if you were born when this game came out, you missed out on the 80’s and most of the 90’s. Still, in 1998, Pokemon Blue and Red were released and started a new phenomenon. It was also the year that Game Boy Color came out, ditching the monochrome. Nintendo may be have been late to the party on that, but the Gameboy was still very popular.

Today Nintendo re-leased the original Pokemon games, Red, Blue, and Yellow (published in 1999). Yellow had a special place in my heart, since Pickachu walks around with you. Apparently he didn’t like being stuck in a pokeball. I decided to buy Pokemon Yellow on 3DS for $9.99. Not a bad price to relive a game I played in high school. I stopped playing as an adult, something I regret, as I have missed out on a lot of Pokemon games.

I think what is the most fun about these games was collecting all the pokemon and leveling them up. What’s really nice is that these new versions let you store your pokemon online, so you don’t have to trade pokemon between the different versions. And you can use the pokemon you catch with the newer games. That’s pretty cool, it’s like you can keep your friends with you instead of leaving them on the cartridge.

I’ve been using my Nintendo 3DS a lot lately, trying to finish Zelda: Majora’s Mask before Twilight Princess HD comes out, so I thought I’d relive the old Pokemon days too. Hoping to get the New 3DS Pokemon  bundle for my birthday, actually. That comes with the smaller version of the system and Pokemon Blue and Red pre-installed on the system.

I’m still waiting on Zelda: Phantaom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Come on Nintendo, show me some love. I just want to continue the Wind Waker story line. 🙂


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