Just Desserts

Oh oh, Ashley Madison got hacked!

I think many might suggest that the recent hacking of the Ashley Madison website is just desserts. It’s certainly not an ethical website, by any sense of the word. After all, their slogan is “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” It’s fair to say that the website at the very least encourages unethical behavior. The site is obviously targeting people who are lonely, desperate, or use poor judgement. I’m being fairly judgmental here, but I take an offense to people who cheat. No, I’ve never been cheated on, but I see it as a violation of fairness. Cheating is bad, no matter the context.

While I do believe that websites like these ought to be shutdown, that will not stop people from cheating, obviously. An article The Huffington Post, The Blog laments the fact that website like Madison support a person’s rational for cheating. We humans tend to do what we want, our desires drive us. So, really you don’t need a website to convince you to cheat, it’s just an excuse. I think most of us tend to picture a lonely guy feeling neglected by his wife, decides to step outside of the marriage. Why actually talk about his feelings? Nah, we’re men, we don’t do that! (Something thanks the patriarchal system we have in our society).

Unfortunately, what I see as the real victims of the hack, are the partners and spouses of the cheaters. They have to face heartbreak, but they may also face embarrassment, financial problems, or other consequences. Just imagine having your reputation ruined because your spouse was identified on that site. So yeah, while I do want to make fun of these websites, there is a serious situation for some who are affected by this hack. Our lives are becoming virtual, we live online, and the consequences of that are being felt.

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