It’s Easy Being Green

Me Green

Tonight is the night many of you out there are probably getting drunk. Not me though, I prefer to spend this holiday sober. Now I’m not saying there’s something wrong with a little drink now and then, but as a partially Irish American (with several other European roots) I feel like this holiday brings up the stereotype of the drunk Irishman. I’m sure you have heard of it 😉 Let’s remind ourselves how wrong stereotypes can be!

Looking at this photo, makes me lolz totes! It screams green! It is my favorite color, so why not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a photo of Scott David Brown? I know you are so excited to see it! Haha, no, but if you wanted a photo that encompasses the color of green, you got it. Hey! Is that a Luigi photo bomb? Seriously!

Heck, does this photo look like a drunk Irishman? Umm…well, crazy maybe, but not drunk! Haha, no I’m not really crazy either. What is the point of this post? Ah, green! Yeah, green. Boy, this post is very informal, not professional at all. Yikes! I wonder what Mr. Mushakian will think when he reads this? You don’t know who that is? Well, just mosey on over to a certain website…

P.S. I’m not drunk, really!

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