One Year With Wii Fit U

Wii Fit U

Two days ago I noticed a battery indicator flashing on my Wii Fit Meter. I realized it was time to get a new battery for it and I researched what I needed to do. Come to find out, it’s been about a year since I got Wii Fit U . The software was free since I bought the meter and already owned a Wii Fit board. The replacement is easy to do, it takes a 3 volt watch battery, a CR 2032 type. Unscrew the back and it comes off. Then press on the old battery and pull it out. Then put the new battery in. You have to put one end in and then press down on the other end. The top part is where you put the new battery in and then push down on the bottom.

Wii Fit Meter

After replacing it, I’m thinking I will have two years until I have to buy another battery. The pack I got at Target had two batteries. Also, make sure you transfer your data from the meter to your Wii U BEFORE you replace the battery. I noticed that my record got erased when I changed the battery. It still had my calorie goal and the time was correct. Everything else gets wiped.

Looking back on my year’s progress, it looks like I’m at just about where I started. I gained some weight by the time I got Wii Fit U. I wasn’t exerting often back then. I do tend to have trouble sticking with it, but since my first physical exam from my doctor, I’ve lost about 10 pounds. That was 6 months ago. I have been able to keep up with it and now I have added The Iron Gym to my workout. I feel like my workout is more complete. I’m happy that I can use Wii Fit U for aerobics, yoga, and lower body strength training and use The Iron Gym for upper body. I’m unstoppable! Haha, well, not yet. 😉

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