Free Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox One Weekend

Forza 5

Starting this morning, if you have a Xbox One, you can download Forza Motorsport 5 for free. You can play as much as you want until Sunday night. It’s a full game trial. At first I was hoping it was a special deal and I’d get to keep the game, but I figured it would be like renting it. You have to be a gold member to try it.

Since my last review of The Sims 4, I thought I’d write another review of Forza. This is my first impression of the game as I just played for a little bit. The game feels a lot like it’s predecessors. I have Forza 2 for Xbox360. It’s a racing game that focuses on simulation. The handling can be tricky to get used to if you usually play arcade racers. You start with an easy difficulty mode which you can change.

Probably the biggest change in Forza 5 is that there are no longer any traditional AI racers. The drivers you face are “real” people in that you play against other people’s driving habits. Every time you race your data is collected and after a certain amount of races that data is used to create the drivers that other people race against. It’s similar to AI since you aren’t racing against actual racers in single-player and you aren’t racing against “ghosts.” The drivers are simulated from real players.

It may sound like the game is harder, but because you get to chance the difficulty, you can still race against these drivers without too much trouble. I will say that I had trouble trying to get first place in the races, but I always finished in the top 3. You earn credits and as long as you finish within the top 3 you basically “win” the race. That takes some of the pressure off.

The graphics are very nice, crisp and clean. I feel like I’m really in the driver seat and the backgrounds look so real. The only time I am reminded that I am playing a game is when I see characters or people. Forza has always been good when it comes to graphics and visual performance. The game runs steady at 60fps. There are plenty of cars to choose from and there is a lot of download content. Some of it free, most of it will cost you. 🙂

I like the game and it’s nice to use the Xbox One controller instead of the Xbox360 controller in a racing game. The controls are nice and the driving is pretty fluid. Also it’s nice having the rumble in the triggers. Ultimately I probably won’t be buying this game as I just spent a nice chunk of change on The Sims 4. However, I am likely to pick up Forza at some point. I recommend trying this game while you can for free and seeing how you like it. Oh and yes my profile is online now, so you may face a driver named SDBmania. That would be me. 😉

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