Yet Another Blog Post About Spam

Blog Post 5

Website news: 8/2/2014

I tend to get these from time to time in my e-mail inbox. On a blog my friend created,, he wrote about spam messages he received. I was inspired! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to dealing with spam comments, but for a while some of them sounded like they could be genuine. However, you can tell it’s a spam comment by looking at the name of the “person” who left it. You can see in the above picture that it is a good example of spam. Now sure, there could be a real person named “a2z Health and Wellness” and maybe he or she was giving me an honest comment. Somehow I doubt that!

I can assure you that I do get an occasional real person posting a comment on here. When that happens, it’s quite obvious that they are responding to the post I wrote. I do keep those on my site. So, in essence, if you are a real person and want to leave a comment, it stays on here. If you are a bot or some automated spammer, I’m starting to delete those regularly. It’s just getting to be a bit much. Oh, here is one of my favorite spam comments so far:

Blog Post 6
Umm, this was a post about the Kindle Fire HDX?

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