Hot Dog Dancing Mark Mushakian


As I am sure you all know, there is a man by the name of Mark Mushakian. Is he famous? Yeah he is. Is he loved by all? You betcha! Is he hell of a lot better at life than me? You bet he is! Why, ah, well anyway let me get to the point of this blog post.

I’ve recently got back into The Sims 3 and I realized that I didn’t have my best friend Mark in the game. EA did a super cool thing last month and gave away a free copy of The Sims 2 ultimate edition.  Mark ended up getting a copy and started playing. It was the first time he ever played a sims game as I recall. Well, he put me in the game and gave me a hot wife. To repay him for his generosity, I put him in my Sims 3 game.

So far, Mark has become a paparazzi, met my family, switched to the sports career track, and is now friends with Apple Brown. Apple is cousins with Simon Brown, my son. Of course, I’ve been dead for several sim years, but I have a feeling I will be reincarnated within the family in the future!

Anyway, Mark Mushakian was invited to a Spooky Day party at Simon’s house recently. What’s neat is that you can throw a costume party in The Sims 3 and there are a variety of costumes, though there is bound to be some overlap. Apparently Mark chose a hot dog costume. What you see in the video is his dancing style, which seems pretty hip to me. You can tell that he really enjoyed the party!


Yet Another Blog Post About Spam

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Website news: 8/2/2014

I tend to get these from time to time in my e-mail inbox. On a blog my friend created,, he wrote about spam messages he received. I was inspired! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to dealing with spam comments, but for a while some of them sounded like they could be genuine. However, you can tell it’s a spam comment by looking at the name of the “person” who left it. You can see in the above picture that it is a good example of spam. Now sure, there could be a real person named “a2z Health and Wellness” and maybe he or she was giving me an honest comment. Somehow I doubt that!

I can assure you that I do get an occasional real person posting a comment on here. When that happens, it’s quite obvious that they are responding to the post I wrote. I do keep those on my site. So, in essence, if you are a real person and want to leave a comment, it stays on here. If you are a bot or some automated spammer, I’m starting to delete those regularly. It’s just getting to be a bit much. Oh, here is one of my favorite spam comments so far:

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Umm, this was a post about the Kindle Fire HDX?