Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Review

*Spoiler Alert* Video has gameplay footage and may reveal secrets from the game.

Xbox Live Gold members finally can get free games for Xbox One. We got two games instead of just one to start the month. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was one of them. I was more excited about Halo Spartan Assault until I played as Max. It’s a side scroller, which I’ve grown quite fond of since Deadlight was offered free to gold members last month on Xbox 360. Max is a grade schooler who seems fairly typical for his age.

The cleverness of the title comes into play when you start the game. The intro cut scene plays and we discover that Max is a little annoyed with his little brother, messing with Max’s toys. Wishing his brother would leave him alone, and browsing the web to find a way to get rid of him, a portal appears and a hand grabs the little brother. Max immediately reacts by dashing through the portal after his brother.

You begin in a desert like area, running after a monster who has Max’s brother. It’s a platformer, providing you with obstacles to climb and jump over. I was immediately captured by the beautiful visuals of the game. I felt like I was playing a game designed by Pixar. The frame rate seems consistent at around 60 fps. The musical score from the game adds to the movie-esque feel of the game as you travel through each stage. Many of the levels have a secret to discover and evil eyes to find. If you miss any of the eyes or secrets, you can go back to through the level and find them. Progress is saved with each one discovered, so you don’t have to worry about playing the whole level again.

What is really impressive about Max is how fearless he seems. He’s chasing after monsters and traveling through dangerous terrain. He has snappy comebacks when defeating an enemy or escaping danger. The most fun feature of the game is Max’s magic marker which he can use on certain parts of each stage. There are little places where we can draw platforms to help him traverse the dangerous world. It’s likely that the game is not very long, but there are a lot of achievements to earn. Even if the game is short, it’s certainly a fun one and you can’t argue it’s price! I urge you to download it if you have an Xbox One and a Xbox Live Gold membership. If you plan on getting Xbox One in the future, considering getting this game. It probably will have an affordable price.

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