Finding a Career in Teaching


You now have your undergrad or advanced degree. Great right? Well you might be wondering what to do next. I’m in this situation and I’m ready to find a job! I have my BA in psychology and now my Masters. It feels great! I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit, but now I must put those degrees to use. Some may think that going to school is challenging and it can be, but getting a job can be difficult on its own. I’m using several sources in finding a job, such as:

A decent website that allows employers and professionals to find each other. I’m finding it to be less useful as other sites since I’m looking for professorships. Academic jobs are not easy to find on Monster so far. This is based on my own experience.

This is a good site for academic jobs. I’ve found quite a few listings. It’s a simple process to set up your resume and you can have a “job agent” that sends new jobs that are available based on your search preference.

University Websites

I’ve been checking with my undergrad university website for potential jobs. I’ve applied to a couple of positions. Not a lot to offer right now, but I’ll keep checking with it. Community colleges are probably a good source to consider. I’ve applied to my local community college district and applied for a part-time psychology professor position. I’ve been put into a pool and will be considered if a position is made available at any of the local community colleges in my county.

Google Search

Just doing a google search for jobs can be helpful. You may find job search websites that way too. You’re not necessarily going to find open job positions that way, but you might get lucky.


All of my suggestions are focused on the online aspects of job searching. I’d like to be an online professor, so it makes sense to find a job this way. You can of course search offline. Networking is very helpful and there are other things you can do. I found an interesting website: that matches students with tutors. I’ve been accepted and I am waiting my first assignment(s). The tutoring happens online and seems like it will be a good way for me to practice teaching. It’s pretty flexible and you can work as long as you want, providing you get students. It could be a nice little part-time gig while I look for a job. Combine it with a part-time teaching position online and I might make a nice little living. It would be especially helpful in paying back my student loans!

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