Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare


I basically just copied and pasted my Amazon review of Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare here for my blog. I thought, why not? I haven’t posted in a while and you all deserve a little something. Plus if you are thinking about getting this game on Xbox 360 or Xbox one you can get an idea of what the game is  like. You basically have to kill plants or zombies (though technically it’s KO’ed not kill).

Amazon review:

I was introduced to Plants Vs. Zombies when I was a WoW player. There was a quest that inspired by it. I downloaded the first PvZ game on Xbox 360 last holiday when it was on sale. I also have the squeal on iPad which is a “free” to play game.

I was a bit disappointed that there was no single player mode in this game. Even though I read the box cover, I was still secretly hoping there would be one! However, I wasn’t shocked that it was online only. I didn’t care about the lack of local play, though I did consider getting an Xbox one for PvZ GW. I feel that the Xbox version is pretty good, though it does seem like it lacks in content for a $30 game.

Here’s what I like:
Graphics are really crisp and clear. I love the colors and the cartoon style fits with the game very well. The music, especially at the results screen, is catchy. The game reminds me of Team Fortress 2. I like the different characters and there is enough variety for now. The game seems well-balanced and I don’t feel that one side is stronger than the other in terms of mechanics. Also, both sides have a certain uniqueness. I think that the chomper is my favorite! There is a co-op online mode which stays with the spirit of the original game that you can play with up to 4 people or by yourself if you want. Personally, I’m not sure that playing by yourself is viable as it is much easier to play with other people. I also like the 3rd person style as the characters are fun to look at.

What I don’t like:
The game really only has two modes for multiplier. A team death-match type and garden vs graveyard. Both modes are fun. The latter is kind of like TF2, because you have to capture several areas as zombies and defend them as plants. Both are fun, but seems a bit lacking without more game modes. Sure there are two more modes, but they are “classic” versions of the first two modes. I am sure there will be DLC coming to this game, but it does mean you will probably have to spend more money!

Bottom Line:
This is a fun game and it’s very different from the original. I think it’s a fun game and should hold my interest for a while, at least until I get all of the achievements. It’s worth a buy if you are a fan of the series and are looking for a great multi-player game. It does have some flaws as far as a lack of content, but it seems to be bug free and I haven’t noticed much lag at all. $30 isn’t too bad a price, but I think it’s really worth $20. Also, no single player mode is kind of a downer. Overall, I feel the game is worth it.

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