Wii Box 360

Wii U Gamepad and Xbox 360 Controller
Wii U Gamepad and Xbox 360 Controller

I’ve been a fan of Nintendo since I was a small child. I tend to be loyal to brands that I grow up with or use for several years. Nintendo has the innovation that I have come to expect from them. For many years, I was a Nintendo fan-boy and I never gave much thought to owning other gaming systems. In my early 20’s I changed my tune. I had a PS2, then Xbox, then a PS2 again. Got rid of that for a Xbox 360, traded that in and later got a PS3 (had that break, got more PS3’s, they broke too until I got a slim), and finally traded in my PS3 slim and later got a Xbox 360 E. I’ve met people who had Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox at the same time. Heck don’t count out the PC.  I’ve been a PC gamer even before having my NES.

It was a bit weird to own a gaming console that wasn’t a Nintendo, but it was fun to break out of my fanboy-ism.  It’s been difficult to decide which to stick with, PlayStation or Xbox. I liked the PS3 because it had free online gaming and it was more affordable. I THOUGHT it would be more reliable, but that turned out not to be the case. I think both Sony and MS have tried to avoid the red ring of death and yellow light of death that Xbox and PlayStation had in the early days. I hope that is true. but I’m going to stick with my Wii U and Xbox 360 for a while. Will I get a PS4 or Xbox One?

I think I’ll end up with one of those next-gen consoles eventually. Right now, Xbox One seems more likely, however I don’t trust the reliability of the hardware. It’s probably best to hold off on a PS4 or Xbox One until the next remodel or two. The most noticeable factor in going back to Xbox is the controller for me. I really like the Xbox controller more than the PlayStation, except that the d-pad is better on the PS3 controller than it is on the Xbox 360. I have heard that the Xbox One controller has a better d-pad than the previous generation.

The Xbox triggers and control sticks are a better design than the PlayStation in my opinion. I like that the sticks are father apart and the triggers feel more natural. The home button is bigger, which is nice. Another thing that I didn’t like about the PlayStation controller was that it felt cheap and too easy to break. I hear the PS4 controller feels sturdier, which is a good thing.

What really made me leave PS3 was the games. I felt that too many of the games  for PS3 are now available on Steam (I heart Steam), so it didn’t seem worth keeping the PS3. The exclusives do not seem to be enough to keep my interest. Uncharted, SOCOM, and a few others are fun, but I feel like I’ve grown tired of them. Meanwhile, Xbox has RARE, Gears of War, Halo, and Forza for some realistic racing action. It really makes sense for me to have one Japanese gaming system and an American console. Both Wii U and Xbox offer different types of games. While Xbox is more FPS and sports, Nintendo has first party titles that take me back and some unique games you won’t get from an American market. I should note that this is changing to some degree.

Sony may indeed be the underdog this generation, as I have heard one executive say. However, Sony does have a lot of fans and I think they will be king of the industry for a while. MS is getting better and Nintendo still has the portable market cornered. It is truly a wonderful time to be a gamer. I like seeing three competitors and I hope they all stick around for years to come. Ohhh, can’t wait to check out a Steam Box!

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