The Downside to Dating





EHarmony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m not an expert on dating, haven’t been on many dates myself, but I know enough that I feel like sharing. About a month or so ago, I took a chance on the crazy blind date app from okcupid. A nice idea, but it doesn’t work too well unless you live in a big city. Well, about a week or so ago I met a girl from eHarmony. We seemed like a good match and the guided communication process went by fast. We ended up having two dates, it was the first time I actually met someone in person from eHarmony. It does tend to be my favorite of all the dating sites out there.


Unfortunately, I don’t feel like she is the right girl for me, and so today I’m going to call her and tell her how I feel. I’ve had to reject girls in the past, but it’s not a common occurrence. I’m sure it’s understandable that I feel nervous about it. I know when I’m going to call and I have a good idea of what I’m going to say. There is a website that I got some helpful tips from:’t-Want-to-Go-on-Another-Date


Telling someone you don’t want to date them anymore isn’t easy, but it’s better than to ignore the issue and hope nothing bad happens! I’m going to be direct, but nice. I think being honest is best and in this case I wouldn’t mind being friends with her. I’m also going to try to make it a short phone call. Better to get my feelings across and get it over with. I’ll see how she reacts and whether she wants to be friends. It’s an unfortunate situation, because I really wanted this to work out, but you can’t help how you feel. When your gut tells you it’s not going to work, you can’t ignore that.


I feel more comfortable dating again and I’m glad I had this experiences, because I learned that dating isn’t such a big deal. You’re just trying to find someone you like and it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out. Obviously I’m more concerned about her feelings. I do think she’s attracted to me and wants to continue dating, so I’m sure she will be a little disappointed. I have a pretty good idea how she might feel about this, since I’ve been rejected plenty of times. I’d much rather be her in this situation, because then I wouldn’t have to be the one rejecting someone. This is the downside to dating, when the risk does not result in reward. However, it’s part of the process and I’m sure we both can move on from this experience.


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