Website News 3/15/2013

I haven’t done a website news post in a long while, so I thought it was about time. I suppose the major announcement is not so major, but whatever. I have a Facebook page for this website, Technically, the page has been around for a few months, but now there is an improved name for the page: SDBblog. It’s much easier to link to now. The old name was*some insanely long number* and for whatever reason Facebook had decided to add a long number after the name of my page. Please feel free to visit the page and like it on Facebook. I know it’s kind of sad right now, not many likes, but if you “like” SDBblog on Facebook I’ll return the favor! I’m also on twitter if you want to follow: @sdbmania.

Second, I’m working quickly on book 2 of The Lost Elf series. I’ll be updating my progress in the “latest book news” section at the top of my website. I have a feeling that this one will be longer then book 1! No matter how long it will be, I’m sticking to the price of 99 cents for each short story. I’m comfortable with that and it will be easier for people to buy the next book if they want to continue the series.

On a somewhat sad but expected note, I have no dates from the Crazy Blind Date app from Do not cry for me, I don’t live in a large city, and this app is still fairly new. I’m not giving up completely on it. Occasionally I find a date someone else has set up (kind of far for me though), so it’s possible there will be more women using the app in the future. Maybe even in my neighborhood!

Finally, I’m looking into creating another promotion for My Imperfect Life soon. In a couple of months, it will no longer be an amazon exclusive, and I won’t be promoting it since I am focusing more on The Lost Elf. Since this is my birthday month, I wanted to do some special things on my site. There’s still time for more!

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