March Madness, Scott David Brown Style!

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...
Cover via Amazon

Now that March has arrived and spring will soon be here, it’s time to celebrate my birthday! No, you don’t have to get me anything, but you can check out my author page on and buy one of  my books: Since my birthday is coming up on Monday, I’m going to have one last promotion for My Imperfect Life kindle edition. For 5 days, that’s Monday through Friday of next week, you can download My Imperfect Life for free. It’s yours for as long as you live. That means you can take as much time reading it as you want! Little White Lie is no longer an amazon exclusive and I plan on selling it on more e-book sellers in the future. All of this is in part because I am focusing on my new series, The Lost Elf.

And since I brought up the subject, you should check out the The Lost Elf: Awakening, on Just .99 cents for the kindle book. I’m excited to announce that I have found a photographer to design the cover art for the series and I’ll be adding cover art for book one in the near future. Check out her website: She’s got some real amazing work on there.

I’m also thinking about setting up one more contest for My Imperfect Life on paperback or maybe a discount promotion. Whatever the case, I’ll find ways to make this month extra special! Is it partially selfish? Perhaps. Ignoring me is only going to make it worse!

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