The Lost Elf: Awakening

It is time to officially announce the release of The Lost Elf: Awakening e-book! I am excited to have book 1 of my new series exclusively on as a kindle book. I really enjoyed writing Awakening which introduces the main character, an elf who cannot remember who he is. The idea of using amnesia provides a certain mysterious quality to the character. I chose the first-person present tense style, because I want the reader to be able to experience the story right along side the main character. This is the first time I’ve written a story like this and it’s fun to experiment with.

Nature is a major theme for this series as the elf’s first power that he discovers is the ability to communicate with nature through his mind. He can talk to plants and animals. Elves are often defenders of nature in fantasy fiction, so creating a connection between the elf and nature seemed perfect. The journey also involve animals, though not talking animals like in a cartoon, all the communication happens mentally. I wanted to give the story a realistic feel without having talking animals.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I am hoping to have each book in the series published every month or so. It’s a long process, even for short stories, and I still have other responsibilities too. I haven’t even started writing book 2 yet! However, I did manage to create an outline for each book, so I have a general idea of what happens throughout the series.

Also, I should mention that I have added a new page to my website. The Lost Elf page will have a listing of every book in the series and a brief description of each story. There will also be a link to the page for the book once it is published. I’m thinking of adding a preview of what book 2 will be about in the coming weeks once I come up with the title. I hope you consider reading The Lost Elf: Awakening. If you like medieval fantasy, you will like this book!

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