Am I Your Favorite Friend?

This month’s addition to Mii of the Month consists of two Miis. The first is a character from a popular T.V. show that I got from the Wii community and the second Mii is one that I created.

HAA_0010 HAA_0007This Mii is based on a character from the T.V. show Friends. Hopefully you can tell who this is, but in case you can’t, it’s the loveable Phoebe played by Lisa Kudrow. Sh’s not my creation, but not a bad likeness don’t you think?

HAA_0009 HAA_0008 This is Cleo. I created her for the Nintendo channel for Wii users who competed to create Miis based on a theme that Nintendo chose. In this case, I was trying to create Cleopatra. I got a good score if I remember correctly.


My New Short Story Series

The second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award arrived, and not to my surprise, I didn’t make it! Writing contests are tricky as luck plays a major role with who gets picked, unless you are just such a super-duper writer that your talent outshines everyone else! There are other opportunities tout there for writers who want to enter contests.

I was a runner-up in a contest several years ago with my manuscript, Fallen Raven, which is no longer around as far as I know. It’s just for screen writers now. Even so, I’m looking into entering a contest from I’m going to do some research about it first, but this particular one is involving short stories:

My new short story series is coming along well. I’m currently outlining each book and I’m looking to keep my original idea of 7 stories total. Book 1 is finished after three drafts and I am confident that it doesn’t need any more work. I love MS Office 13’s speak option which allows my computer to read my work to me. I find it helpful, because I don’t like reading out loud and it sounds like a person is speaking. I can hear how it sounds without my mental bias getting in the way! If you don’t have that kind of feature in your word processor technology, you should have someone else read it to you out loud or do it yourself. It really helps.

Book 2 and Book 3 are outlined at this point and I’m beginning to get a broader picture of what the series is about. I still have a few more books to plan out and that should help me with the title. I don’t usually write like this. But, since working on my third novel Target: Foxtrot last year, I have found that outlines really do help when writing a novel. Too much structure is constrictive, so you have to find a balance. A loose, basic structure can be helpful without forcing the writer to go a certain direction.

Once I have all the books in the series mapped out, and a series title, I’ll be adding a new page dedicated to these books. The way this will work is that I will be releasing one short story or book from the series ever so often on I’ll have promotions when the new book comes out, which will include free e-book copies to download, discounts, and possibly other types of promotions. So, there will be 7 standalone e-books available for a low price. Once all 7 are released, I will eventually combine them into one book, in paperback and possibly a complete e-book version too.

I hope to build a small following of readers and I also want to build up the amount of published work. What is really new about this project is that I am returning to my roots, the fantasy theme. Technically, fantasy is considered to be a sub-group under science fiction, but others believe it to be its own genre. Whatever the case, most of what I have published so far is either romantic comedy or present day/futuristic sci-fi. This is my first attempt at self-publishing medieval fantasy. I’m excited to see how this project turns out. After book 1, I feel like this might be the genre I should focus on, and I’m really looking forward to writing book 2. I hope you all enjoy reading this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it so far!

I’m pushing for an end of February release for book 1, but it may be closer to beginning of March. Stay tuned!

Mii of the Month Page

Stephen Colbert, the Mii version.

After posting my Wii U Mii, I thought of a neat idea, posting some of the Miis I’ve gathered over the years playing Wii. Creating an avatar of yourself wasn’t exactly groundbreaking when the Wii came out, but Nintendo did something that was later emulated by Microsoft, adding avatars for game systems. Nintendo did more than simply have a cartoon little guy or gal on your Wii system, they integrated the Miis in certain games. Like with Mario Kart Wii, for example, you could race as your Mii instead of a Nintendo character. Sharing the Miis was a fun part of the Wii system. Now, with Wii U, Nintendo is trying to integrate social features with the system in new ways. The Miiverse is essentially an online message board dedicated to Wii U users and the games they play. Sony is said to be attempting to integrate social features in the next Playstation. With the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, the social aspect has changed and now people can share their avatars in much easier ways. The qr code is a welcome addition to sharing Miis and it allows me to post my Miis right here on my blog. So,  I thought it would be fun to make my Miis accessible to my visitors!

It is rare that I feel the need to make a Website News post as I don’t make major changes or additions often, so I am happy to make one for this announcement! The Mii of the Month page!  Check out this screenshot bellow:


See? The Mii of the Month page is right there next to the Writing Portfolio page. Once you click on it, you will have access to all the Miis I have posted. The first three are of me, Mark Mushakian, and Stephen Colbert (you can see a picture of his Mii at the top of this post). I will be adding new Miis each month, not sure how often, but probably more than once a month. I have many different kinds of Miis, some celebrities, some made to look like characters from video games and TV shows, and others are regular people. I’ll have a picture with the qr code next to it so you can add it to your Nintendo system if you wish. I’ll have fun adding a Mii or two ever so often and I hope you will enjoy seeing what new additions I make. Also, you can have your Miis on the page too if you want to share them with the world! Just e-mail them to me at!