The End of The World is Today!

The Mayans predicted that today would be the end of the world! Of course the good news is that these predictions are always proven wrong. We’ve been down this road before, like with the Y2K predictions, and the occasional fundamentalist’s prediction that keeps getting pushed back to a future date, we always find out that these silly predictions don’t come true.

I’m going out on a limb here to say there is nothing to worry about!

This will be the first Christmas that I’m celebreating as an Atheist. It may seem strange for someone who does not have religious faith to be celebrating what is likely the most important Christian holiday. However, the holiday has become bigger than it’s Christain roots. Anyone can celeberate the values of giving in this season. I personally celebrate this holiday as a time for giving and getting joy from seeing the recations of my family when they open the gifts I gave them. I also like the decorations and the music.

So, here is my attempt at a holiday post. Hopefully it turned out alright. I’m recovering from a little cold, thank’s Cold-Eeze, so I’m not at my best today. Anyway, I wish everyone a happy holiday season and I hope you get what you want this year!

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