Where is Scott David Brown?

You may not believe me, but I have quite a busy life! Graduate school is tough enough without all these other things going on. Of course, the last month or two has been especially busy. Mainly because of the presidential election. Working for the Democratic Party of Orange County has been a fun learning experience. Now that we have won the election, also increasing control of the senate, it’s time for me to move on.

I’ve also been busy with my Statistics class. For those who have taken such a class before, you know how challenging it can be! Sometimes I think my brain isn’t designed to be efficient with math, but if I take my time I usually get it. My next class should be easier: Ethics, Laws, and Standards of Psychological Practice. I’m looking forward to it.

My final excuse for being busy is my literary career. This past week I’ve been reading my short stories and doing some editing. The second edition of, Little White Lie, has been published. I divided the story into chapters and now it’s easier to read. I’ve also fixed some grammatical errors and changed the ending. I don’t normally change the events or action of the story, but now that I’ve had some distance from the story I feel that the old ending didn’t make sense. It is a rare thing for me to do, I assure you! It’s just $1.00 for the kindle e-book.

My second short story, My Imperfect Life, is also on the way to becoming a kindle book. My editing efforts were light for this story, as there wasn’t really anything that needed to be changed, other than the occasional typo. My Imperfect Life has never been published as a book and since it is about four years old now I felt it was about time! A fun fact: the story was written around the time that President Obama won his first term in office and now it is being published, in book form, shortly after his winning his second term! I didn’t realize it until I was editing the story.

If you aren’t interested in e-books, My Imperfect Life and Little White Lie will be published in paperback form in a couple of weeks. I’m self publishing them as a collection through create-a-space and I just need to approve the final design. I’ve got a proof copy coming in about a week, but the book should be available for sale just in time for the holiday season! So, if you need an idea for a stocking stuffer or a small gift, the book will be ready in time. The price will probably be $5.00 and the book is about 90 pages (that’s including both short stories).

My sudden interest in my writing career is in part due to my third novel. “Fear,” what I’m calling it for now, will not be the official title. I wanted to try out amazon’s create-a-space program as I am considering self-publishing Fallen Raven in the near future.

I’m happy to be shifting my focus from politics to writing now. Once I finish my third novel, I’ll be looking at finding a commercial publisher. While I like self-publishing, it is difficult to be successful at it since I’m not very good at marketing. 🙂


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