Website Update 9/1/2012

Hello friends!

Today’s post is just a quick update about my cafepress shop. If you haven’t heard, lets you sell customized items online. I set it up a long time ago when I still cared about selling merchandise! I had shirts, mugs, stickers, and stuff like that. I currently only use it when I want to make my own bumpersickers or other stuff stuff.

I just checked my shop today and found that my audiobook, My Imperfect life, is no longer available. It’s too bad, since Mark and I went to a lot of trouble putting that thing together! For now, that means you can’t purchase a CD copy of it. However, there is a digital download version! Currently, it is available on My Imperfect Life and for only $5.99! Cheaper than Amazon or iTunes. I’m going to look into making a CD copy with

You might have noticed my twitter feed is now on my site! I think it’s a nice little addition. Now, for those of you who visit regularly, you might find something new to read! Also, since I got my new laptop, I’m probably going to play around with my webcam, so there might be a new video blog post coming up soon…

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