Back To School

It’s offical, I’m a graduate student! I’ll be taking classes at the University of the Rockies  starting May 29th. I’m grateful for this oppourtunity and I plan to continue my education after my masters. Once again I’ll be attending a distance learning progran. This time, from the sister school of Ashford University, where I got my BA in Psychology.

I’m not sure what doctorate program I’ll choose. I’m still focused on studying human sexaulity and currently the Kinsey Institute in Indiana offers a PhD minor in human sexuality that is taken alongside a PhD program at the University of Indiana. Of course, I still could get a doctorate degree in clincial psychology and become licenced in sex therapy. I’ll have to decide if counsling or research should be my focus. I  don’t nessiarily have to choose one or the other, since some psychologists are involved in research as well as having their own practice. I’m also thinking about UCI.

For now, it will be nice going back to acedmia again. I’ve even got a bit of a head start on my school assignments!

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