Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I always try to write a little bit about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. around this time of year. Growing up, I enjoyed learning about Dr. King. His example was inspiring to me and I have tried to emulate his spirit in my own life. He practiced acts of non-violence through protest and marches that showed the world the best way to fight injustice.

The Civil Rights movement grew out of a need for social justice and change. Activism, including protesting, helped to bring the problems of racism and segregation into the national conversation. It was necessary so  to convince the American people that “separate but equal” was not true equality. Instead, integration and diversity help create a society that we all can benefit from.

We may not be able to reach an ideal equal society, but we should do the best we can to come as close as possible. We should also promote understanding and acceptance. Working together, we can make America a place where no one is discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

I believe Dr. King wanted to include everyone in his marches for social justice. That spirit of inclusion is something that all of us should continue in the years ahead.

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