A Very Sad Day

There aren’t many companies that are celebrated in American culture as Apple managed to be. It is a company that has always been focused on consumers and designing products that people can easily use. It is strange that after yesterdays event, the iphone 4s and Sprint announcement, that Apple has lost it’s creator.

I had heard about Steve Jobs when I was younger. My dad had worked at IBM for many years, so the subject of computers was often discussed. Of course, I grew up with PCs and never really thought much about mac computers for a long time. I started building my own computers in high school and I still enjoy that aspect of PCs.

But, many years ago, I got my first ipod and from that point on I saw Apple in a different light. Now I have a macbookpro and a PC. My thoughts are with his family. I know what it is like to lose someone to cancer and I am sure his family knows how important Mr. Jobs was to Apple and American society. Surely he will be remembered as an innovator and someone who cared about creating a quality product.

Fare thee well, Mr. Jobs, you shall never be forgotten!

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