My Opinion of the Death Penalty

There seems to be many issues these days with regards to the death penalty. The latest issue is about a man named Troy Davis. He was convicted of murdering a police officer. Now there seems to be some question on whether he committed this crime. I personally oppose the use of the death penalty, because I feel that it is an uncivilized law. I believe that we should not execute prisoners for many reasons. First, I believe it is not a proper punishment, instead using a sentence of life without parole is a more just sentence. I also think that type of punishment is harsher, because the prisoner is forced to lose his or her freedom forever. The prisoner must live the rest of his or her life for what they have done. It seems more fitting then death, which I see as the quick way out, avoiding any time to think about their own actions. One of the drugs used in execution is no longer available, which is because it was only used for execution. The company is now in Italy, which is against the death penalty, and no longer produces the drug. Now that it is not available, states are trying to find replacements. However, there is some question about what drugs they can use to replace it and if they will cause unreasonable harm to the prisoner.

I also feel that the state should stand as a positive example that we will not sanction murder. Murder is murder regardless of the circumstance. If we have a choice to not kill someone, than that is the choice we should make. Finally, the last point I will make is that there have been innocent people who were executed. The justice system is not perfect. Innocent people are convicted of crimes. Once you execute a prisoner there is no going back. You can’t make things right if you’ve killed an innocent person. There is no amount of money nor apologies that can make up for such a terrible mistake.


2 thoughts on “My Opinion of the Death Penalty

  1. I disagree, though I'm not interested in starting a debate on the subject (because we wouldn't come to any agreement, anyway), but for a point of contemplation: since you refer to punishment by death as murder, do you think of soldiers as murderers?

  2. I think there are only 2 legal exceptions to killing. The first is self defense. Most legal systems in America accept a claim of self defense if a person was protecting him/herself or another. I believe that killing a human is acceptable if there is no other reasonable option. Meaning, I think it's a last resort or if other options are too dangerous/risky.

    As for war, that is the second exception. I don't consider soldiers murders who are engaged in combat as they are following orders from their nation and commanding officers. Though, many people still consider that murder. In the New Oxford dictionary, homicide and murder are stated as unlawful killing. I tend to agree with that. So, as long as one is defending oneself or is engaged in war, then that person is not a murderer in my book.

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