Website News: 08/23/2011

I had a fun time writing essays for my creative writing class. I got some interesting feedback from my instructor and my peers. This has strengthened my resolve to focus on writing as my career. Of course, I still have an interest in psychology and I will use that as my fall back position. First, I shall apply to some MFA creative writing programs from local universities and possible distant universities. Should that not work out, I will be looking at applying for Masters programs in sexology, which is partially an offshoot of psychology. I know I probably will have an easier time getting into a science graduate program, but I feel that I must try to get into a creative writing program first. At worst case, I can do both psychology and literature writing.

With that said, I have officially posted my final project portfolio on my website:Creative Writing Portfolio. You can also find it in my downloads section.

One thought on “Website News: 08/23/2011

  1. Dear Grandson,
    I spent this Thursday afternoon thoroughly enjoying your website. You have progressed greatly in your creativity. Through your
    insights I feel I know you better than I have ever known you before. It is a most pleasantly revealing auto-biography of my Scott.
    Warmly, Grandma

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