Website Update: 07/18/2011

I wanted to mention that the link to Little White Lie has been fixed. It has now become a kindle book. It costs only $1.00 to download it to your kindle or other device with the kindle app. I originally wrote it for the Amazon Shorts program which no longer exists! I believe that their program was inspired by the Amazon Shorts program. Thankfully, a writer can still self-publish literature through and other companies.

Also, you might notice a change in the address bar if you click on a specific blog post. Now each page show the date the post was made and the title of the post in the address bar. I feel this is a welcome change versus the standard wordpress option. Before, each page was labeled with what most would think is gibberish, but to the site did have some meaning. This will also help me track pages better.

I am currently thinking about the future of this blog and I am considering some cosmetic changes. I think this site could use a maker over! Stay tuned!

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