The World Community

I was talking with a relative a few months ago that expressed concern that a “World Order” would some day be constructed in which all nations would unite. Many people who do not want the U.S. to lose our national identity share this concern. I personally do not think this is a real threat. The United Nations has existed for many years and does not really have much control over other nations. All they can do is publicly condemn behavior or send aid and support to nations that need help. They can influence support from other members of the U.N. The point to this organization is to try and get the world to engage in important issues. There are a lot of important issues that the U.N. tries to address, such as world famine and human rights violations.

The U.N. is an imperfect organization, because they do not have much control, if any, over other countries. This is not a bad thing. It means that a “World Order” in the literal sense is far off. However, with the Internet and social networking, people are connected with others throughout the world. Our economies have become connected all over the world, so we are all connected in some way as a race. Humans are social creatures and this means that we often desire to connect with others. With the new ways to connect with people around the world, it is arguable that a “World Order” is in our future.

I would argue that most cultures around the world are not going to want to give up their national identity. Identity is a very important part of being human and national identity is also important. I do not see a time when the U.S. or any other country decides to give that up. That being said, I’d like to point out that we are becoming a more connected world community. I see this as positive, because it gives regular people around the world to get involved in social issues and learn more about foreign cultures.

Will we ever get to the point where there is one world government that rules over every nation on this planet? No, I do not think so. The closest thing I think we would get is a U.N. and we have that. It’s good to have an organization that allows the world to unite on issues that are important, but still have their own independence.

2 thoughts on “The World Community

  1. I'm not really siding with this mystery relative, because who knows what kind of theories and/or conspiracies they believe in, but I think you're looking at the possibility from the wrong direction. Look at America, for example. You mention nations not giving up their identity, but political influence is a huge factor – and, I feel, the most significant factor in what makes a modern empire.

    The major empires in history tended to be more forceful than not, but the basic principle of what gives an empire its power is its ability to influence another group of people's choice. Sometimes it's by having a massive army when they only have a few villagers. Sometimes it's by other things… and when a country can threaten another simply by denying use of their vast resources, that sets a course for imbalanced cooperation. It's basically the strong saying to the weak "Oh, you don't have to do what we say… but then you're on your own."

    I think that is where the future potential comes from. This world's borders are much more established than in Roman times, but that America (just as one example) has it's fingers spread out into so many places around the world, it's a case where if a couple of the biggest nations decided to get together and then squeeze their collective grip.. who would stop them? Haha, it's like the the idea that the only real threat to a giant is another giant – but if the giants become friends, the villagers are screwed. Put someone powerful and influential enough in the center of it all, to organize and unify these powerful groups into singular motives, and there ya go – a one world order.

  2. I do think that is a good point. All it really takes is the right people to get involved. Still, man has lasted a long time without a "world order" and I think it would be difficult for any one country or two to pull it off. What I do wonder is how likely it is that we will someday have a world government. I do know that human nature is to connect, but I'm not sure they social desire will translate into one political power having control on all governments.

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