The Revenge of the Electric Car.


It’s official people! I’ve gone electric! My new Nissan Leaf is happily sitting in my garage after a fun drive to Tustin today. I got the car on May 10th, after almost a year long wait. It drives smoothly and is very quite inside the cabin. The electric motor sounds a little like a jet engine when I accelerate it so I’ve nicked named it Jet Blue! I have to admit that I have a bit too much fun with acceleration, especially since it goes 0 – 40 in about three seconds. It has a range of about 100 miles which is plenty of range for me. It has a top speed of about 95mph and has all kind of neat features. The best part is that I can say goodbye to gas!

The Nissan Leaf made an appearance in the sequel to the documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” The film, “Revenge of the Electric Car” debuted on Earth Day. It seemed fitting, but I didn’t get to see it. I’m hoping it comes out on video soon. I’m also really excited for EVs in general. Hopefully they are here to stay, I think they are. 🙂